Monday, 3 November 2014

Come and lie in the sun with me Mamma...

Hearing his dear little voice call down the hallway, how could I resist?
I walked into his bedroom and found him cuddling up to the autumn sun rays on the carpet.

"Come and lie with me Mamma - it's so warm!"

And so I did.
And yes it was so warm.

Darling Beni - he just loves life and is contented with simplicity. He would bask in that sunshine all day if he could. Content to just 'be' in the warm sun, enjoying the feel of it kissing his skin, all the while singing happy songs about anything that comes to mind.

I love my Beni-Boo.
He helps me keep it real.
He reminds me to stop every once in a while and enjoy the sun rays streaming through the window.
He reminds me to keep a happy song on my heart, because life is good.



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