Monday, 9 June 2014

I've just discovered the fastest way to clean my kitchen...

...and possibly the grossest way to discover it.

I've just found a hoard of maggots having a party in our scrap-food bin along with a few daredevils who were having a gathering around the back of the bin.

*queue dry retching and lots of gagging*

It has been lovely hot weather here and I have forgotten the unpleasantness of blowflies that come with the warmer weather and their love for all things meat-related to lay their eggs on.

Just so disgusting I'm grossing myself out just writing about this...

So anyway, I was in a panic and completely ready to burn everything to rid me and my family from maggot infestation. I grabbed the closest thing available that I thought would destroy and wipe them out completely - in this case a bottle of bleach was all but emptied onto those suckers.
And they died. 
Well and truly.

After I had scooped the cheeky little (and now very dead) escapee's into the bin, I turned my back to get a wet rag so I could completely wipe the floor down with bleach - and that of course was the very moment Max decided to visit me in the kitchen and of course he stepped in the puddle of bleach and slid over, drenching himself and his clothes with thick bleach. Awesome.

Another panic and I scooped him up - holding him at arm's length - and ran into the bathroom where he was completely stripped off, soaped up and rinsed off. Poor little guy, he didn't know what was happening! 
And then I attacked the kitchen - scrubbing and cleaning and blasting anything that moved with disinfectant spray. 
There wasn't actually anything else that moved but I was armed and ready for them!

Kitchen done, I went to check on Max and found him just outside the kitchen door like this...

No I haven't killed him - he's sleeping.

Dear wee little guy.

So he's now slumbering in his bed while his brother's play a rowdy game of lego around him in their bedroom.

Oh yeah and while all that was happening with Max, Beni decided it would be a good idea to roll a glass cup down the stairs - I guess to see what happened.
And yes it crashed onto the sides of the stairwell on the way down and shattered into 1,000,000 tiny fragments which I now have to also clean up.

So much for actually getting anything else done today...

Oh but I have written a blog post so I guess that counts for something!

Happy days to you, friends.

B x

Edited to add: The maggots must be of the 'undead' variety..... After posting this I went back into the kitchen to make a coffee and heard a "...plop...plop...plop..." behind me. Yes those blasted maggots seemed to have doubled in size and were escaping out of the scrap-food bin and creeping towards me ARGHHHHHH!!! 
Out came the steel spatula and those freaking horrible devil's spawn were squished and chopped into tiny pieces.
The scrap-bucket is now outside and I'm thinking about becoming a vegetarian....



  1. Ahhh Brigitte never fail to make me laugh!! We too have had a maggot infestation TWICE and from our ceiling!! They were dropping like raindrops! Hideous! Still gives me the shivers. Darn dead bird! Love this post!! xxx

  2. Ewwww I hate maggots too. We've been breeding them on purpose for our frog though! Cute sleeping bubba.


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