Friday, 15 January 2010

Goodbye to a week of sickness

This week our household has been plagued with a stomach bug - vomiting and diorreahea (I can never spell that word).  But not on a massive, crippling scale, just enough to really annoy you and zap your energy levels.

And I've discovered that it is very difficult to look after two little children when all you want to do is lie on the couch and groan...

Yep. Poor me.

Today I ventured out of the house (first time since Tuesday...) and took the little peeps down to the baby wellness center for their weigh-ins. (That was so much easier to type than it was to actually get them out of the house)... Oh. My. Goodness. What a frustrating episode that was! Because Luca was feeling so much better today he was ready to kick the door down to get outside so was a wriggling little worm tying to get all his layers of clothes on and unfortunately for my children, because I wasn't feeling well, my tolerance levels were pretty low and I'm sorry to say I was not a totally 'in control' mother... Oh to be able to revert back to childish behaviour and scream and cry and stamp my feet, just for once!! *sigh*

But eventually we were ready to go and it was good to get some fresh air on the way to the clinic - Beni falling asleep as soon as the motion of the buggy started and Luca pointing out 'Porsche Car!' and 'Mini Car!' and 'Fast Car!' (any car that looks cool) along the way.  I must admit I'm a little concerned that he is already developing into a Petrol Head. LOVES his cars!

We had to wait for a bit before we were seen at the clinic so I breastfed Beni while Luca sat and ate crackers.  But he soon tired of that and decided to play infront of the automatic doors.

One step forward = doors open
One step back = doors close.

Hours of entertainment!

I was desperately wanting Luca to burn off some energy at the playground so his nap time after lunch would be longer (!) but as soon as we stepped outside again it started to rain... Ah well. DVDs it is then. I have no energy for anything else today I'm afraid!

We got through the afternoon ok and I was able to manage Luca's energy without passing out (such a drama queen I know!). It was so much easier when he was not well and all he wanted to do was sleep on the couch!

Although it's really horrible and sad when our children get sick, one thing I treasure during these times are the wonderful snuggles they give.  I love it when Luca sits on my lap when he's unwell and falls asleep with his head on my chest while I stroke his hair.  Very precious moments that I LOVE! It's so nice to be the one able to offer some comfort during his pain and discomfort.

That's one thing I know I'm really good at as a Mamma! ;-)

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  1. Yes, you are REALLY good at being a mamma Brigitte xxxx!!!


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