Thursday, 25 February 2010

Gems of the week

I've always been a "The glass is half-full" type of person (as in, will genuinely try hard to see the good and positive in every situation).  So with this week being a tough week in many ways I really want to focus on all the good little pockets of love and happiness that occured and show my appreciation for people who rock my world. It's so easy to have good things happen and think "Oh wasn't that nice", then promptly forget about them when something not so lovely happens.

So here are my five 'Gems' from this week (so far):

1. Fabulous Friends
Where would I be (literally) without the love and support of my friends. Being on the other side of the world to my family I absolutely treasure my dear friends over here who I call family and are only a phonecall away when I need an ear to talk into and who love my kids so much that they actually want to spend time with them! With the flip-side of this being my husband and I get a break.
Love them so much!

2. Potty Training Success
It has been a week of mostly success with only a few misses....(or should I say 'messes'...). Things are looking up. Phew!

3.Beni-Boo slept through the night
Oh the joy!! We were pleased for our first night of unbroken sleep in 13 weeks. As you can well imagine. Although my boobs were full to bursting....

4. Wine & DVD in bed
Although I fell asleep halfway through (probably thanks to the quality New Zealand white) it was a lovely time of snuggling up to my hottie-husband.

5. My most amazing husband!
I've always known my husband is outstanding, but this week he has proved his love and support once again. He's SUCH a great papa - our children are so lucky to have him as their dad. He is SUCH a great husband - I am so blessed to have him as my main man and best friend.


  1. Yay for potty training success and sleeping through the night!

  2. Oh dear. Tears in my eyes again xx!
    How wonderful that Luca is discovering he can actually do it - potty-wise I'm referring to here. He can do all sorts of other things as well of course :)!!


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