Saturday, 27 February 2010

Papà e figlio il tempo in cucina - Part II

Happy sounds from the kitchen yesterday afternoon as my husband and son numero uno did some more cooking together.  This time they were creating 'Papa and Luca's Special Belgian Beer Casserole' made in the slow cooker. Oh yeah. Go the slow cooker! I have a love affair with that kitchen appliance.

Luca was very proud of himself - I walked in the door from being out for an appointment and was greeted with the words "Papa a Luca um num num ear 'sserole!". Although I had to get the translation from Austin (which was the name of the casserole they were making together) we had a very proud little boy on our hands. He just LOVES to cook! I'm loving that he loves to cook! I love it when Austin & Luca spend their special time in the kitchen together. I listen to their animated conversation and Austin's very patient instructions with Luca repeating the instructions in his 2 and a half year old vocabulary and it brings joy to my heart. This is what it's all about - happy times hanging together at home as a family while teaching your children the art and joy of living.


(raw meat though....can't be nice but he didn't seem to mind. Boys huh?...)

 Now for the veges
(note the rapid hand movements - need for speed even when he cooks!)

I'm already looking forward to the next installment of Papà e figlio il tempo in cucina. Always a very tasty treat! 
In the very least this will ensure that when he leaves home and goes flatting he won't be limited to only making chilli con carne....


  1. Awww that's so gorgeous. My children love cooking with Daddy too. I can relate to having a love affair with the slow cooker lol.

  2. Oh, I love anything in the slow cooker! What great guys you have!

  3. so great your men cook!! My husband is allergic to it ;)


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