Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Oh ye of little faith!

I don't know what made me think that this was a good idea, but one of my new years resolutions was that I would refrain from buying clothes for 1 year... AM I CRAZY?!?

After numero due was born at the end of November I had a clean out of all my clothes and put away anything that didn't fit me anymore (but just you wait size 10 clothes I'm coming to getcha!) and kept out all manner of clothing that were sympathetic to breastfeeding (i.e. easy-access v-neck tops and dresses).

Having completed this exercise I realised that "Shoot I have a whole lot of clothes that I forgot I had!"...

And so the idiotic great idea dropped randomly into my head that maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't need to buy any clothes this year. Of course my husband thought this was a MARVELLOUS idea cos think of how much money we would save each month!


I was really wanting him to say "Don't be so blimmin rediculous Brigitte you NEED to buy clothes this year and, in fact, I have earmarked £500 in our bank account that I want you buy yourself a new wardrobe with, just because you deserve it!"...

No such luck.

So the rules are simple:
1. No clothes purchasing for myself for the year of 2010
2. This does not include shoes, handbags, accessories and langerie longere lauger undies and bras cos that would just be rediculous and you might as well kill me now. (strangely enough I don't normally buy many of these items so this may be the year of the shoe and the handbag and I'm so totally fine with that).

I think the one thing that has made me determined to see this resolution to it's completion is that when I told my best friend Sarah this she blatantly laughed in my face and said "I'll give you 3 months". Oh ye of little faith I shall prove you SO WRONG!

It's been 2 months and counting and I feel great! No major withdrawals. The occasional shakes and the odd twitch but nothing a good glass of wine can't fix.

And anyway, if I feel the need for something new in my wardrobe I can always whip out the sewing machine and chop & change some items here and there. Maybe bring tie-dying back in.... or not.


  1. You know, I did the same thing last year. We were saving for our big trip so I decided to wait till we went overseas and then I could go shopping for lovely summer clothes in exciting places like New York and London.

    I'm kinda doing it again this year, saving for the wedding and all. The main thing is basics. T-shirts/skivvys/tank tops/leggings. Cause those are the items (other than underwear) that you wear and wash over and over, so fall apart quicker. But tell Austin they don't really count as they are never that fun to buy :-)

  2. Exactly. I'm with you Sezzie. By the way, I haven't bought any clothes since I was last in London - November 2008. Seriously.

  3. You go girl!
    I say shoes can change a whole outfit so go for gold with those! Nothing like a few new belts to change things up a bit too!
    Well done, enjoy. loves to you. xx

  4. I like the thing about categorising them as to whether they are fun to buy or not ... makes sense!! Mind you, anything is fun to buy - so just put it on a fun-to-buy scale of 1-10. The under 3 fun factor items are essentials so if you can squeeze other items in under 3 on the fun-to-buy scale you'd be fine :o)!!! Just don't smile when you buy them maybe ...!


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