Monday, 24 May 2010

Making the most of it

'It' being the fabulous SUNSHINE!

I can feel it, I can smell it - summertime is on the way!

Now London in the summertime is a really great place to be. You realise just how many trees there actually are in London because everything becomes so lush and green, it's beautiful!

And although there are those who think that this is just a lucky week of sunshine in England (how very dare they), I'm believing for the WHOLE BAG baby! Let's just put it out there that the summer of 2010 is going to be absolutely fabulous! Oh yes.

There's something wonderful that happens to Londoners when the weather finally moves with a promise of summer. They become happy. Strangers start talking to strangers. Neighbours start greeting neighbours and inviting each other over for cups of tea. When walking down the street there are numerous 'Good mornings' and 'Hellos' which can often take one quite by surprise if one is not expecting such a greeting.

There's something wonderful that happens to me when the sun comes out in all it's glory - I become impulsive. My day's agenda becomes less and my enjoyment of the moment becomes greater.

And so it was that we had a weekend full of impulsiveness - a spur of the moment thought that turns out to be a blooming marvelous idea!

On Friday the little people and I had a picnic lunch beside the playground under a tree in our complex. One of our neighbours who has a little girl around the same age as Beni joined us. Lovely!

Luca got car-envy when he saw a little boy with a remote-control car in the playground.

Saturday was spent with our family-away-from-home family visiting Borough Markets (where Jamie Oliver shops don't you know!) and then walking along Southbank (the banks on the southside of the Thames) soaking up the atmosphere.
We had absolutely no agenda so just dawdled about here and there, enjoying each other's company, the sun on our skin and other people to look after our children!

Love blossomed and icecream melted

Oh to be young again huh?

Sunday was full of being with our church family in the morning and then a wee nap under a shady tree in Richmond Park in the afternoon. I wasn't feeling too crash-hot and didn't want the housework to yell at me and ask me where I've been for the last few days as soon as I walked in the door at home.

And so the winter clothes have gone into hibernation and the summer dresses, tops and sandals are making an appearance once more. Love it. Love it love it love it!

There are many many things to look forward to this summer including holidays in Europe and music festivals, but most of all I'm looking forward to the many many more impulsive outings and good times together with our family and precious friends who help to create wonderful memories of this life we have in London.


  1. It's been raining for a fortnight here. Wishing I had another trip north again this July/August *le sigh*

  2. Love all the photos!!! Things are cold, windy and wet over here.

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