Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The glass is half full remember?

I would love to be able to write today and say what a beautiful and wonderful day it was with me and my darling, adorable children. But unfortunately I can't do that because that would by lying.

Oh my jolly golly goodness gracious me. Today was the type of day where I just wanted to go back to bed, pull the duvet covers over my head and sleep the day away, not having to face up to my responsibilities (children) for the day.

Today everything seemed to make Luca grizzle.
Today Beni had teething pain so was grizzly and snotty.
Today Luca refused to wear undies or use the toilet nor let me change his nappy, so he spent the whole day walking around in a wet, heavy diaper.
Today I spent approximately 40% of it yawning.

Today was a hard day. I'm not going to kid you or try to sugar-coat it. It was hard. I was strung out. But life goes on. Tomorrow will hopefully be better!

I don't like focusing on the negatives - that's not my style. I always like to acknowledge that the glass is half full.

So to round up my day I am going to focus on the good things about today. 
Things I am thankful for today.
Things that made me smile today.

Today I am thankful...

1. for the wonderful warm sunshine

2. that, because of the wonderful warm sunshine, I was able to wash and dry three full loads of washing on our balcony

3. for my slow cooker that made a kick-butt chicken casserole for dinner

4. for 2 strong healthy boys

5. for my husband who goes to work each day so I can be at home with our children

6. my pot-plants which are thriving and looking so healthy and green

7. for coffee

8. the boys are now both sleeping

9. for my health, that I can run around after Luca and throw him and Beni in the air when I play with them

10. that God's grace is helping me, guiding me, teaching me along the way about being the best Stay At Home Mamma I can be!

In between load 1 and 2 of washing we went to the playground to stretch our legs and to get out in the sunshine. Luca took his Thomas bike with him. It would go to bed with him too if we let him!

Something that has been making me laugh lately is that Beni has finally 'discovered' his Third Leg (so to speak)...
Everytime I take his nappy off his hand immediately goes in search of this Third Leg phenomenon to make sure it's still there and, upon finding it, gives it a firm tug. 
Duuuuude! That's got to hurt?!

And on that note, ci vediamo domani (see you later alligator) X

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  1. We had one of those days on Monday so I feel your pain! Here's tomorrow being a better day for you x


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