Thursday, 3 June 2010

Pleasant adventures

When the sun rises at 4am on a cloudless summer's day it's hard not to make the most of it, right?  

Damn straight!

So pleased was I to open the curtains this morning and be greeted with the warm sunshine and a blue-as-a-blue-thing sky smiling back at me.

And what should one do when one is greeted with such a beautiful day? One should get oneself and one's children outside as soon as one can do so!

...which is my case wasn't until 10am....

With the boys packaged up in their red buggy we meandered our way down the street to the local grocery store to pick up some supplies (red bull was first on the list for me...) and then it was off to the playground so Luca could burn off some of all of his energy.

I decided to take a route that we hadn't taken before which led us alongside the old brick wall of Richmond Park. This wall dates back to 1637 when Charles I decided to enclose the park, although the local residents were not happy about this. Bit of useless information for you.

And then there was the discovery of a tree and stinging nettle lined path leading up to the playground which we normally approach from a different angle. I think I've just found my favourite walking route for this summer.

The schools are on holiday this week so I was expecting there to be more children in the playground than usual, but I was not expecting for the paddling pool to be in full swing! Fortunately little children do not care what they are wearing in the water, just as long as they get in the water!

So Luca rapidly stripped down to his undies, I sunblocked him up and for the next 2 hours he was busy swimming, sliding down the slide in wet undies (makes you go super fast!!) and running round and round the playground (in his wet undies) just because he can! And oh I envied him...

And so with happy yet tired little boys strapped into the buggy once more, we reluctantly headed for home with a promise to come back tomorrow and again on Saturday with Papa!


  1. Fabulous! We're getting one of those pool wet playgrounds in our hood. With 40c days I'm absolutely going in :-)

  2. Ah my wee babies!! Luca looks like he is loving the pool, and Beni is rocking that baseball cap. Sigh.


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