Tuesday, 6 July 2010

It's all about who you know

Or in my case, who you are married to.

Once again my amazing husband was able to organise free tickets to treat his wife and many friends to another weekend of music in Hyde Park. I was even able to get an 'artist' wristband (and pretend that I was in a band...) so I could take the young'uns into the Artist Area to where Austin's office was. The main highlight of which - apart from the star-spotting - was being able to use the toilets in the artist area. Although they were still porta-loos they were incredibly clean with nice handcream.
And no queues.
Always a bonus.

The only downside to this is that I have now tasted festival 'First Class' and will no longer be happy to rough it in 'Economy' like the rest of the real world...

The month of music festivals has finally come to a close and I now have my husband back. Hooray!
It's been an exciting time but also an incredibly exhausting time. It's hard core being a rock and roll mamma while still having to function as a stay at home mamma the following day! Poor me.

P!nk was on Friday night - oh my goodness I love her! Man she can sing and puts on a great show - lots of acrobatic moves and flying out over the crowd on a high-wire and jumping around wearing a sparkley leotard...
I would too if I had buns of steal like hers.

Jay-Z was on Sunday night which unfortunately brought in a totally different crowd than had been there on the days before. Younger I guess you could call them.
Made me feel old.
I was so not into that.
And I kept hearing the same comment "Why would you bring your children here?"
Because I can okay?!
*Sniff, flick hair over shoulder and put nose in air*

So while there was plenty to keep the little people occupied at the festival from the afternoons into the evenings...
 Car Spotting on the way to Hyde Park.
Ferrari AND a Lamborghini parked right beside each other = Luca Heaven (Beni wasn't bovered...)

 ...can I just mention again what super-duper children we have that are able to sleep anywhere, anytime, anyhow.
Beni sleeping during Jay-Z concert. As you do.

And OH. MY. GOODNESS. My husband certainly pulled out all the stops this year and managed to score a wee horde of freebies for his wife and children.

**Look away now if you are a 'Freebie Hoe' as the following pictures could be quite distressing for you**
Ugg Boots (oh I know!!)
Pearl Jam T-shirt yussss.
Pretty much a year's supply of Bed Head hair products - including 'dumb blonde' texture and shine for Luca's locks. HA!
A pair of 'Kickers' shoes for Beni.
8 cans of sugar-free Red Bull. Dude, that stuff is my drug at the moment. Don't mock it till you try it.

Unfortunately it's too hot for Beni and I to wear our new shoes but there will be plenty of opportunities come October I'm sure! But I'm certainly not wishing away this summer weather, it has been amazing!

So, Big Ups to the husband for all the sweet deals he did for his family and friends.
It really is all about who you know and being in the right place at the right time.
They basically begged him to take the Ugg Boots on the last day so it was one less box to pack up.
My husband done good. He done real good!


  1. Hey! You totally don't need all that blonde bed-head hair product, Luca might want to share with his Aunty T ... ? ;)

  2. Love the Beni-laughing photos by the way, he breaks my heart. Your legs look good in the ugg-boots too, your running is obviously keeping them looking FINE ... xx


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