Thursday, 8 July 2010

THankful THursday

I don't know what it is about Thursdays, but whenever a Thursday comes around I end up feeling very thankful. Like a 'nearly at the end of the week' kind of pondering on how the week's been and I end up feeling thankful!

And it's also handy that Thursday and Thankful both start with a 'th' so it looks quite nice when written...

Right. Here you go - 10 things I am thankful for on Thursday:

1. For lovely summer days like today that make me want to eat salad (WHAT?!?) as opposed to sticky toffee pudding with lashings of caramel sauce and icecream in the wintertime...

2. That my husband can once again come home from work in time to help bath the boys and put them to bed. I am looking forward to a day away with our family and friends tomorrow and then going for our 'family run' together on Saturday morning (which is a wee ritual we have).

3. To be able to be a Stay At Home Mamma. I've said this before and I'll say it again. I LOVE being able to stay at home with our beautiful boys. Simply love love LOVE IT!!

4. For this little guy

5. For this not-so-little-anymore little guy

6. For being a great big healthy country girl...
This is a bit of an 'in-house' joke but, being raised as farmgirls and not being the 'frail' types, my sister Gretchie and I were quite delighted to stumble across this song a few years back and have kind of made it our theme tune.

You see, I am grateful that I have always been a strong, healthy woman (I was gonna write young lady but, being 35 I suppose I don't really fall into that category anymore... damn.)
Raised on a farm you can't help but get into the great and magnificent outdoors at any given opportunity and climb trees, ride motorbikes, chase after stray lambs (who are actually very quick off the mark). For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed running, especially off road, through the bush/forest. I ran through both my pregnancies and am back into clocking up the miles once again and feeling SO GOOD for it!
So, if you're interested, check out my new Running Mamma blog!

7. For parcels all the way from New Zealand!
Thanks Mormor and Scrumpy!! XXXXXX
As you can see I couldn't wait to open the Squiggle Tops...!

8. For the WONDERFUL coffee my husband brings me every week-day morning in bed while he gives the boys their breakfast before he goes to work. I love this morning ritual so very very much.

9. For playmates
It totally turns my heart to butter seeing our boys get on so well - although one is rather bigger than the other,  'the other' is doing his very best to close the weight and height gap between them...! Go boy go!

10. That in just over 2 weeks I will have a new neice or nephew!
And with an older sister who looks like this
there is no need to worry about the cuteness factor. It's a given.


  1. You can take foxes out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of foxes.

    Damn straight.

    Oh my goodness I can't believe there's going to be another Eph/Bek babe soon - EEK! So THankful too, yes yes!

    Big Gretchie squeezes to your boys xx

  2. P.S. Mum, Brigitte said that she ate ALL the toffee pops and squiggle tops that you sent over for me.

  3. Hmmmm ... she just MIGHT be tricking. It would pay to check though. We might need to come over and sort this out?
    Is Beni in a cot now?


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