Thursday, 14 October 2010

Life is full of surprises

I went to put my hands on my hips the other day and I was surprised to find I no longer have a waist.

I did one of 'those' tests the other day and was surprised to see the two blue lines form a cross immediately...

I am still surprised and a little shocked that  we are going to have baby number 3 sometime in May 2011!
I say "sometime in May" because, well, I wasn't keeping track of things and that's what happens when you have one night {that's right, just that one time is all it takes} of reckless abandon.

I am ecstatic to be pregnant! We welcome this surprise with arms wide open and count ourselves incredibly blessed for it to happen so easily. I'm sure The Creator Of Life was just waiting for the ONE opportunity we gave Him where we weren't in control of our family planning...!

But hey, I'm down with that. We are good at rolling with all the surprises life brings across our path.

As a result of this wonderful surprise we are now needing to make decisions - long term decisions - as to where we want to be while we raise 3 children. Is this the time for us to be heading back to NZ? Or the time for us to be looking for a bigger house in London? Or the time for us to move to Italy?

So many questions and everything is as clear as mud.

I count myself incredibly fortunate to not suffer from any form of major morning sickness. The worst it gets for me is extreme tiredness, nausea (but I just need to keep food in my tummy and it settles down), and the odd craving for cheese and KFC.
Austin and the children are having to put up with my cravings as they tend to dictate what I make us for dinner. Last night was macaroni cheese with bacon and tomato. Wow. It was awesome but Austin wasn't so impressed. And actually neither was Luca. Hmph. Italian food snobs.

I have just finished putting away my skinny summer clothes {sob} and my wardrobe is now full of winter clothes and those good ol' faithful maternity clothes which do not bring me much cheer when I look at them. But remember it's only for another 7 {or whatever} months. I can work with this. I'll somehow make those same old maternity clothes look different to what they did when I used them for both Luca and Beni's pregnancies. Oh yes I will.

Austin did a great call at the beginning of the week - and it's okay for me to share this because we talked about it later on and had a laugh so all you women who have been pregnant hold back your hate mail!
Monday is the day he works from home and as I mentioned in Monday's post I took the opportunity to sleep while there was an extra set of hands at home. I was lying on the couch beside Austin feeling incredibly jaded and ill and he says to me "I know you're pregnant but..." (Hand on my knee. Pat pat pat).
Double Woah.
I don't know why but I didn't respond. Inside my head I was thinking "Get. Your. Hand. Off. My. Leg."
And then the day just carried on, I slept a little more and then that evening I brought this matter up with him in conversation. I said to him "You know how you said 'I know you're pregnant but... (Hand on knee. Pat pat pat)'?"
"Yes..." he replied hesitantly, a little bit scared of me I think.
"Well," I continued "it's just that you have NO IDEA what it's like to be pregnant, just like I have no idea what it's like to be kicked in the balls and when you said that to me it really made me want to kick you in the balls".

And there you have it. Nothing else needed to be said.
We both had a laugh, I didn't kick him in the balls and we are once again a Happy Husband and Wife Unit.

And I think we'll have macaroni cheese for dinner again tonight!


  1. hahahahaha! Oh I LOVE the last bit!!!!! AND goodness just 15 minutes ago I was thinking I might make macaroni and cheese, with bacon and tomato for dinner - I felt so unhealthy with that thought, but glad I'm not alone :-)
    We are sooooo pleased for you guys... AND think you should think about Lubbock. The other choices are ok. ;-)
    much much much much much love and hugs and smiles from Pango-mango-face, AK and bump

  2. Congratulations!! All the best with those decision! :)

  3. I knew it! Congratulations! :)

  4. What delightful news, Brigitte! I am so very pleased for you. Having three is hard work but the absolute best. I love seeing the three pixies interact with each other. Best of luck making your decisions. I must say, moving states with a 6 week old and two toddlers wasn't my preferred choice. So I hope you have enough time to decide and act before the baby arrives. Sending you a Hobart ♥. J x

  5. Ah, well then. Simple decision. Move back to NZ. Wellington, to be exact. ;) xx

  6. 'Kick in the balls' = chortle chortle

    (This aunty hates making decisions, but I might have to now, darnit. A big 5 bedroom family home in Richmond/East Dulwich/Hampstead, yes, that should do it for starters.)

  7. Hey lovely you two, congrats, what a cool piece of news. i was having a good old guess and i'm patting myself on the back thinking i'm awesome at guessing! enough about me!
    ta too for the bread recipe, love to you guys, rest well precious lady. xx
    PS KFC was my wee craving too, still is really.

  8. Haha. Great call. Again, congrats! I love your fab. response to your surprise - arms wide open! Awesome, your baby is very blessed!

  9. Congrats guys! Being one of five BJ, you'll be more than up to the task.

    And good luck with those decisions. I know the feeling, but sometimes life just makes them for you :-P

  10. What??!! How in the world did I miss this post??!! Congratulations - super exciting news!!!!

  11. Congrats! Yay number 3, so exciting! And as for mac & cheese I too heart it. Especially with red onion, mushrooms and bacon. mmmmmmmm. Hope you find some more nap time soon! xxx


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