Thursday, 25 November 2010

Beni Boo Birthday Boy and Boilers

Where did this year go?!?
I feel like so much has happened in a year and yet it seemed to go by in a swift-moving blur.
My littlest guy is ONE. It's still such a little number and yet he's so big!
Beni Boo had his 1st birthday on Monday. He spent most of the day screaming in pain from his teeth. Thank goodness this is a birthday he won't remember because there were lots and lots of tears.
And dribble.
Lots and lots of dribble.
But we did manage to have a tiny celebration in his honour - making the most of the small window where the drugs were helping to keep the pain from his throbbing gums at bay.

We were supposed to have a wee gathering of people who love Beni come over on Sunday afternoon but on the Saturday our newly installed boiler decided to break down and the repair peeps couldn't fix it until Monday... So this meant the birthday party was off because our guests would have frozen...

But Monday came around, the boiler got fixed, the house warmed up and we ended up having an impromptu party for him.
Luca's drawing of Beni
He got some pretty exciting presents
A very exciting impromptu rocket birthday cake made out of lamingtons - designed by Aunty Gretchie.
I love his toes curling in concentration.

As I am writing this post Americans all over the globe are celebrating Thanksgiving. How apt because I am consumed with Thankfulness for this little guy Beni Boo.


Dear Beni Boo,
It is strange yet wonderful to think that this time a year ago you were only a few days old in this world - our little guy who surprised us all by arriving 10 days early, beating Mormor's arrival in London by 11 hours. Not even giving her the chance to get off her plane to be present at your birth. But you were in a hurry and we are cool with that.
When you arrived we (your Mamma and Papa) weren't quite expecting it. I was standing up feeling confused by the burning sensation 'down there' I was experiencing. My waters hadn't broken but the contractions were strong and fast. Next thing I know, amidst an extremely strong contraction, you just slid on out onto the gym mat I was standing on, provided (just in time) by the hospital.
A teeny-tiny little 6lb9 bubba.
As I scooped you up and saw you were a boy my heart nearly burst with love and pride. My mind was instantly flooded with so many thoughts and dreams and possibilities of who you would be, what you would become, the hopeful expectation of the joy we will experience in raising you, our precious, perfect son.

In the past year you have grown and developed so much - each phase and stage of development, each 'first' has been marvellous to watch.

You are a cheeky little monkey.
Your laugh is uninhibited and free.
Your happiness is infectious.
Your contentment is obvious.
Your life is ordained and blessed.

We are so grateful and thankful to God for giving you to us to care for and to be a special part of our family.


  1. Sez - formerly of the UK, now NZ!25 November 2010 at 22:35

    oh thank the Lord for calpol!!! Teething times are definitely not fun eh - hope they come up soon and settle. Glad you had an impromptu party for Beni and love the rocket lamington cake - Aunty Gretchen is a legend - as are you! xox

  2. Precious little Boo - made me all emotional reading this! Such an amazing little man. Overcame the very obvious pain that he was in to keep the troops entertained on his special day. I love that he loved my very slapped together space rocket cake - yeah!

    I love Luca's very carefully drawn piture of Beni - and the bunting ROCKS! Clever mamma xx

  3. LOVED your post. Loved Luca's awesome picture of his little brother! Loved the look of excitement on Beni's face as he discovered all his gifts!

    Made this Aunty all emotional as well because I'm so far away ... how I miss my Beni Boo. Happy first birthday precious boy. xxxxx

  4. Happy birthday to our darling Beni!!!! Am missing not being there with you all xx


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