Monday, 29 November 2010

Winter is upon us

A post was written
My soul was poetically bared
The computer shut itself down
Blogger saved nothin' but the title
It's now past my bedtime
So here's some photos.

Winter is most definitely upon us.

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  1. Did p2p teach you NOTHING?! Save save and double save (actually, you taught me that). Yep, been there many times at 3am, just at the finishing touches of a design and then photoshop decides to 'Quit' itself, and then you realise your last save was 5 hours ago. OH HOW WE LAUGH! (well, that 'forehead on the desk, arms hanging limp, shoulder shaking, if I don't laugh I'll cry and now I need some chocolate to make it all better' kind of laugh, yep)

    Lovely photos of the boys in frozen Richmond Park - You should try curling with the ducks. How amazingly blue are Beni's eyes! - *gasp!* FLIP I just realised I didn't call Austin for his birthday - I'm a bad sister - sorry... stink.

    Anyway, I'll stop thinking aloud on your blog - hope you're enjoying the pretty big fat snowflakes that are dancing about - so pretty! Here's hoping to our very first family white Christmas in London!


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