Friday, 12 November 2010

Gems of the Week

Precious, Priceless, Pockets of Happiness during my week.

How vital it is to sit down at the end of the week and think, really think, about all the good stuff that has taken place in the past 7 days. Things that could quite easily be looked over, taken for granted. Things that are enjoyed at the time and yet are easily forgotten in the busy-ness.
I know it's good for me to focus on those pockets of happiness, to record them, to be able to share them, to be able to read back on them.
It once again brings to the foreground of my mind the fact that I am so very blessed.


~ We had our scan for Bambino Numero Tre on Wednesday and I am pleased to report that all is well and good! It's little heart was happily and healthily pumping away, everything is formed as it should be. 
It is perfect.
Even though we have been through this all before with the other pregnancies it is still an absolutely incredible thing to see your little one for the first time on the screen. The reality and the emotions kick in. I am in love already.

~ This little guy is showing us his cheeky personality more every day. He is happy, content and loves his older brother with every fibre of his being.

~ During the week I watched the Cheryl Cole interview with Piers Morgan and absolutely bawled my face off. It felt good. I now highly rate her (SISTERS: before you mock me, you need to watch this and form your own opinion).

~ Although I have been suffering from bad morning sickness this week (why all of a sudden more intense?) it has made me have to stop, sit down, breathe. And so I have been getting lots of knitting done. This is a good thing because not only do I have LOTS of knitting projects to complete before Christmas, but it also makes me chill out because it is such a relaxing craft. If your stress-levels are high, take up knitting.

~ Luca has been into everything this week and, as a result, totally doing my head in. He has boundless energy - the type I have been so lacking in this week... But at night when he wants to come and snuggle in bed with me all is forgotten (except for my feelings of regret at having lost my temper with him 86 times that day...). 
And forgive me, but I still haven't been able to let go of my feelings of extreme fury at Luca for doing a MASSIVE poo in the bath last night. When you are suffering from morning sickness the very last thing you want to be doing is scooping turds out of the bath plughole. Take my word for it.
And yet, when he wanted to go to sleep in our bed last night because Papa was away, I couldn't help but be so very grateful for this little man. Thankful for each breathy little sigh. Thankful for his body warmth. Thankful that he is mine.

~ I just LOVE snuggling my little guys in bed (and the big guy of course!). In the mornings both the boys end up in our bed (if they're not there already) and then Austin and Luca get up to make breakfast, Luca brings Beni's bottle through to him, I snuggle up to the wee Beni-Boo while he skulls back his milk, his eyes half-closed and dreamy and then we have more cuddles and tickles. By then the coffee's ready and the day is ready for us.
I love love love this morning routine. It's totally the best way to start the day.
Today after we had dropped Luca off at school Beni and I came home and immediately went back to bed for more sleep. I don't normally do this but I let Beni sleep in bed with me during our nap and it was just DEVINE! I didn't sleep for a whole lot of our nap time, I spent a lot of it just staring at my wee Boo while my heart melted and I fell deeper in love with him. I didn't think that was possible.
Check out that one mean tooth he has on the bottom while he has FIVE teeth up top!

~ I recently came across this T-Mobile commercial which I thought you'd all enjoy. I bet you can't help but smile as you watch this.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Wow our 3 little grandchildren all in the same blog for the first time!!! How precious is that! We can't get over how much Beni pulls the same faces you used to pull when you were little Brigitte xx

  2. Your boys are gorgeous Brigitte! I pray that morning sickness passes soon - I can so relate! You knit?? What can't you do!!! I've tried with the knitting..... but gave up.
    I still try and sneak in a nap or two every now and then with my kids - it is divine! Even though they are older, they still love it - and I think I should just go with it! It's sleep!!

  3. Love the scan pic! I totally agree, doesn't matter how many times you see it, it is still so precious to have that magical first glimpse at your little one! And how cute are your boys? Hope the dreaded morning sickness gives you some relief soon x

  4. Can't wait to see some finished knitting. Glad that you can find a little rest in the pregnancy madness. Morning sickness is the pits, hope it passes soon. How exciting that the scan pic makes it real that soon you will be 5 instead of 4!


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