Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My Sewing Vs Knitting Dilemma

Over the past few weeks I've had a bit of a dilemma.

I normally don't have a problem with my Knitting vs Sewing projects and very much enjoy doing both. I'm very very grateful that my mum and nana passed their 'crafty' knowledge on to me.

Our family has started a tradition (of late) where we only give either Handmade or Second-Hand gifts at Christmas time. This was started on a particular Christmas when we were all a bit low on cash and it has now become somewhat of a tradition.
It's a good one.
It gets you thinking well in advance (well, it's supposed to, but I always end up whipping something together at the last minute for my 10 family members...), especially when there's a deadline for getting parcels posted back to NZ in time...!

So on to my dilemma:

In the past few weeks I have been busy knitting a dear little dress for a newborn and unfortunately this project took me a little LOT longer than anticipated... I ended up using a good quantity of my time knitting this garment that I really should have been spending on making Christmas presents in time for the December 6th posting-to-NZ deadline...ARGH!!
But they are very dear friends of ours and babies grow so fast and I knew that if I had put the dress aside until after the Christmas-Present rush it would probably be too small for the wee one and then all my hours laboured in love would have been wasted. 

So I am pleased to report I finished the knitted dress in the weekend and it turned out ever-so-sweet
The main reason why it took me so long to finish was because I had to start it 56 times (...okay, maybe 5 times...) because I had to knit it on circular needles and, being a novice at knitting 'on the round', I kept on stuffing it up.
But it's all done now and I learnt some new techniques, even though it did eat up so much of my precious time.


Now that I have the above knitting project completed I can focus on the Christmas gifts for the NZ family.
Now here's the difference: I whipped this little puppy up while my boys took a nap yesterday afternoon.
(CHRISTMAS PRESENT SPOILER ALERT! Eph & Beks don't let Freja see this please...)
Yes mum I still have to tie the loose threads in...

So we're talking approx. 2 hours total labour (Sewing) vs approx. 48 hours total labour (Knitting).

It's a no-brainer really??

Only that just when I was starting sewing my next Christmas present project my sewing machine (which is really high quality crap) packed a sad and started breaking all my sewing machine needles.
And so I picked up it's cover and placed it over it's high-quality-crap body for the very last time and went and ordered a new one on Amazon.
The only problem is it won't be delivered until 8th December which is 2 days after the post to NZ deadline...!!

I could probably knit up a couple of scarves before then but it's summertime in NZ so that's not the best option!

So Mum, T and Bubble: I'm very sorry but your Christmas presents this year will now be delivered after Christmas... BUT they will be made on my new sewing machine so there won't be any missed stitches or problems with the bobbin thread bunching on your gifts!
If you have a problem with this, let me know and I'll knit you a scarf.


  1. Haha, ah that's no problem at all, I'm having exactly the same dilemma myself on this side of the world, but in reverse - HOW do I get everything done and sent to London in time??! Beni sorted, You sorted, Gretch kindof-sorted, Luca hopefully-almost-sorted, Austio ... I have NO idea. Does he like soft toys or dangly jewellery ...? ;)

    It's very hard to find second-hand stuff or make stuff for a man, I assume this is a dilemma experienced by many? I might have to do some serious blog-reading, website browsing and YouTube watching to find some ideas.

    By the way, Freja's dress and the wee knitted dress are GORGEOUS, well done you!! xxx

  2. Oh dear. Did you get the machine serviced? Probably just needed a screw tightened ...
    Can't see any loose threads! Love the wee dresses xx.
    Nevermind the Christmas presents being here on time - you relax, enjoy your gorgeous boys and just get them done when you can.
    I'm still finishing off the ones to send to you all ... even threw a sicky the other day but still didn't get them finished!
    It was a white Christmas when I was there last year ... remember? Such wonderful memories of walking amongst the snow flakes and seeing them shine and glisten in the streetlamp light. Walking through the snow at night from the wonderful country pub on Boxing Day ... sigh.

  3. Are we doing handmade / second-hand christmas? Didn't know that. (Even though I was going to do it anyway - HA!)

    Geetwa - the dresses are BEAUTIFUL! Clever clever you. And if the machine only needs a screw tightened then I'm happy to take it off your hands (I only have a mini-travel one, but it works well - well, well enough to create the pterodactyl)

    Oh yeah, and you need to refresh my knowledge of crocheting. It's been an age since I last crocheted with Nana...

    I should do a blog on shopping vs painting...

  4. Oh I love both dresses but totally understand how frustrating it can be to put endless hours into something and spend only a few on another with almost the same out come! But the green is so pretty in knit.......


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