Thursday, 2 December 2010

I'm dreaming...

For as long as we have lived in the Northern Hemisphere we have always wondered and hoped that maybe this year we might have a White Christmas.
Last year came pretty darn close - there was still patches of snow on the ground from a major snow-dump at the beginning of December. And similar has happened this year - we have woken up the past few mornings to our view of London being covered in beautiful pure white snow.
 The potted plants at my front door are coming off a little worse for wear...

Ahhhhh, London in the snow becomes quite a magical place. It makes you want to find a cosy little pub with a big open fire and spend the day sipping mulled wine.

And even more exciting is the fact that most schools - including Luca's - are closed today due to heavy snowfall.
So of course a snow adventure was in order. Actually, a walk to the corner shop to get milk and bread but an adventure still!

I get so annoyed when people comment on the weather being 'miserable'. The weather lady this morning said "It's miserable out there..." Excuse me, but how can snow EVER be miserable?!? Sheesh!

Our adventure outside certainly wasn't in the 'miserable' category.

There are few things that Luca loves more than getting amongst it - scuffing his feet through the fresh powder snow, skidding along on the icy patches, making snowballs and watching it all clump together and stick on his woollen gloves.
But there was someone who didn't particularly enjoy - and actually found it quite miserable - being plonked down in the cold snow for the first time in his life.
But dad you will be pleased to hear that the red bands he was wearing withstood the harsh elements extremely well and dare I say even enjoyed themselves. They are quite accustomed to snow now after all.
And as far as a White Christmas goes, maybe - just maybe - this is the year our dream will come true.


  1. Oh Beni Boo! It's not quite as warm as sand is it... (although seeing him in that super-cool get-up reminds me of the littl'un from our favourite christmas movie - 'I can't put my arms down', awwww)

    Love that he's now in the red-bands (the tradition of passing them down has begun), how fun that Luca is off school and able to get amongst the snow, and the picture of them looking out the window together is delicious (like a 50s Christmas advert).


  2. It snowed 2 days before Christmas last year because I was there and had to find my way back to the tube from Liberties ... and it was snowing in Oxford Street :o)!!
    Love the snow pictures. Love the nz merino wool gloves holding off the snow for Luca. Love the red bands doing the same for Beni. Luca needs new redbands and Beni needs merino gloves?

  3. Hey Brigitte!

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments over on my blog (

    Wow you are in London huh? We lived there for 4yrs in our early 20's and LOVED it. Your wee darlings are adorable and I'm so happy to have found your blog.

    Merry Christmas! Angie

  4. My 4 year old keeps asking me when the snow will arrive for Christmas! Arghhh.

    Glad you can find the joy in the weather over there - I am in full agreement with you!


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