Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Getting all Christmassy

Today was the day previously assigned for putting up the Christmas Tree and decorations.
Very exciting!

I have spent the past couple of weeks whipping up Christmas presents to send back to NZ by today, being the latest date for guaranteed delivery before Christmas.
Then my sewing machine broke down (SHAMBLES!)
But then my new one arrived within a couple of days even though I wasn't expecting it until about 5 days later (YIPPEE!!).
And can I just add here that my new machine is beautiful.
Simply stunning.
I almost cried when I did the first few stitches and it just purrrrrred along happily instead of noisily clunking at a very out of control speed.

I am one happy woman right now.

So of course I have been spending my days tucked in beside my new friend sewing, sewing and sewing.
Even though I've been sick I haven't passed up an opportunity for bonding (and also because the mailing deadline was rapidly approaching...)

Here's a wee sneak-peek at one of my creations now happily bundled up and on it's way to the Jacobsen Homestead.
(CHRISTMAS PRESENT SPOILER ALERT! Eph & Beks make sure Pearle looks away now).
Eph & Beks: If it happens that wee Pearle is not so wee and doesn't fit these let me know and I'll make another set and you can either:
a) Keep them for daughter number 3 
b) mail them back to me incase Bambino Numero Tre comes out as the girl variety
c) sell them on Trade Me

It's funny yet bizarre how, when I start 'getting my craft on' that I suddenly get all this inspiration for other crafty/handmade things for home improvement.

In the past 2 days - amongst sewing, coughing, blowing my nose and sleeping at every opportunity - I have:
- melted down the dregs of old candles and made new ones
 - made a wreath for our front door
- successfully passed my cough and cold onto Beni-Boo. He's currently coughing and wheezing in bed beside me, poor little dude.
But the highlight for today was putting up the Christmas Tree with the help of our two little munchkins who were ever-so-excited when they woke up from their afternoon nap to find a Christmas Tree with lights on it in our living room, waiting to be dressed with decorations.

Is it bad that I rearranged all the tree decorations after the boys had gone to bed??...
Although the tree is a bit sparse in the whole 'branches' area towards the top, it's still very cute and very happy warming up our lounge with the cosy glow and good feelings it brings.
And it's very excited about being the guardian of all our presents as they gradually start being added under it's branches for safe-keeping until Christmas Eve.

I like it - no, I love it that I have motivation this year to make an effort for Christmas. Unlike last year where I was in my 'just-given-birth-and-am-suffering-from-post-natal-depression-but-don't-know-it-yet' state.

I'm determined to do the best I can to help create the 'Magic Of Christmas' in our wee home for my children.

It's such an incredibly special time of year as a family.

It's such an incredibly important time to teach our boys the whole reason for Christmas.


  1. LOVE that wreath. You clever girl you!
    I am jealous of your white Christmas. MAYBE NEXT YEAR??!!! (for us, that is)

  2. I agree it's an incredibly special time of year for family :) I love seeing other people's Christmas trees. I meant to get our tree trimmed almost two weeks ago (after Thanksgiving), but having a newborn makes it difficult! Tomorrow is the day it will up and trimmed, yippee! I hope Beni is feeling better soon! xx (how are YOU feeling?!)

  3. If Pearl's bloomers don't fit can I please try them?! I will put myself on a strict diet just to fit into them - they are SO CUTE! I have a very clever sister (that's you, by the way, although the others are quite clever too).

    Luca was so excited on Sunday in the kid's programme when we talked about decorating the Christmas tree - he even jumped up and did a 'woohoo!' whoop and a holler dance-kick-jump move with both hands in the air.

    The house looks AMAZING - I can't wait for our Christmas! Hope you and Beni Boo get better right proper quick smart like xx


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