Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Refashion: Tour T-Shirt to Rock-Chick Dress

Here's another idea for refashioning an old t-shirt that seemed to work. Turning an old tour/band t-shirt into a cute-yet-oozing-plenty-of-attitude little girl's dress.

I left the neckband and shoulder seams as from the original garment and then cut out the rest - this means that I only had to sew the sideseams and add the sleeves and ruffle at the bottom. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

The sleeves and ruffle trim were from another old t-shirt from which I cut off the bottom and sewed it onto the dress (saving on having to hem it) and the same for the sleeves using the existing sleeve edge.

The sleeves were meant to be puffed but they didn't end up having much 'puff' in them in the end...

Then to tie the purple in with the rest of the t-shirt I did a fancy stitch that my machine seems to know how to do around the neckline which also helped to 'pretty it up' a bit also.

And while I was at the sewing machine I quickly whipped up this little number for Beni because he didn't have any long-sleeve shirts to wear the next day... (he's growing out of his clothes rather rapidly!)

Once again I used the existing collar, buttons opening and shoulder seams and cut out the pattern around them, sewed down the sides, added some sleeves, hemmed the bottom using a stretch fabric stitch to allow for movement and FINITO!
It turned out pretty cool but it helps that the subject is super-duper CUTE and can make anything look good!

It's so satisfying making something new and fresh out of what was old and lifeless.

There could be a sermon in that.


  1. You know I'm gonna be hitting you up for these patterns when my machine arrives next year :-)

  2. Hey!! Beni Boo is standing up in these photos .... my wee man is growing up for too quickly for my liking while I'm on the opposite side of the world .... !!!

    ... but loving your creativity with your new machine!! :) xxx

  3. I'm beginning to feel a little intimidated by your stay at home mamma prowess.


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