Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Swiss Friends, Christmas Lights & Winter Wonderland Wonderfulness

Our weekend started early when on Wednesday night our Swiss friends came to stay for 5 days. We haven't seen each other since their most amazing and beautiful wedding one and a half years ago, but I love it how we can always so easily just pick up from where we left off. They are great people and an incredibly cute couple.

They are also very clever at arty stuff like design and photography, that sort of thing. So we thought we might as well use them and their ability behind the camera to get some family shots of us to send home to the grandparents and great-grandparents.

*Please note the majority of the photos shown in this post are c/o our friendly Swiss friends and their very nice camera, although I would love to credit the photos to myself, that would be lying...
On Saturday we headed into London Town and we managed to slip in a quick family photo-shoot while we were mooching around Borough Markets.
This was easier said than done as we had one little boy who pulled out some cracker poses and another one who insisted on either snorting like a pig or roaring like a dinosaur.
I am realising more and more that I have two little guys who are hilarious!

And the official photo:
Pretty cute huh?

Other spots on our hit list for the day were seeing the Oxford St Christmas Lights, visiting Carnaby Street (for the Swiss shoppers) and taking the boys to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. It ended up being a dry yet cold-as-a-cold-thing day but we declined public transport and decided to walk and take in the sights in between our numerous destinations.

There really was a ridiculous amount of photo opportunities. Any time we go out with the children there are always photo opportunities galore.
Luca loves to go on 'Big Adventures' which are basically any outings that involve leaving the house. And it's always so much fun to go out and discover things with our children. They open our eyes to see so much more than we would ever normally notice and make us join them in flying like an aeroplane down the street.
You need to have no shame being a parent!
**This one's for you mum - we came across that chocolate market by Waterloo Station again and just had to get one of those incredibly rich and decadent hot chocolates again... I got it with milk added this time and even then it nearly blew my socks off!
Goodness and Loving Kindness in a cup.
 As we took in the Christmas lights on Carnaby Street and Oxford Street we enjoyed witnessing, but not being a part of, the hustle and bustle of Christmas shoppers. It was so nice to be in town just to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the buzz of Christmas in the chilly evening air.
To top off a wonderful day with family and friends our final destination was the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park which runs for the month of December.
And how convenient that they have a 'Santa Land' there! Luca called the fair "My Playground" and couldn't believe all the people who were also at 'his playground'...
He had his very first ride on a carosel with mama, went on a train ride with papa, attempted to go on a mini Helter Skelter slide with Aunty Gretchie but got to the top and said "It's too dark Gretchie, too dark" so they climbed all the way back down again, and went on a round-and-round ride all by himself and was feeling SO PROUD of himself!
And while Luca indulged in the Santa Land rides the adults indulged in hot donuts, bratwurst and mulled wine.

Although there were crowds and crowds of people wherever we went throughout the day, everyone seemed to be in good cheer and this helped make the day extra special. I know it sounds a bit cliché but I like to think that the Christmas season really does help to bring peace and joy into people's lives instead of worry and stress.

I hope you also are feeling peace and joy in your heart and in your home over this Christmas time.


  1. SUCH a good day! Beautiful photos by the Jordis. Your boys' wonderment of absolutely everything around them is totally infectious. Two of the highlights of the day - Luca 45-ing: (mid-lean) 'Yes, Forty-Five' (leeeeean); and Beni pointing at EVERYTHING: 'wooooooo!' (turn, point) 'woooooo!'(turn, point) 'woooooo!' (turn, point) 'woooooo!'(turn, point)...
    Love them (and youse) to pieces xx

  2. What a STUNNING, STUNNING collection of photos. I love them all!! Wow!
    The butt crack one: priceless!

  3. Oh how gorgeous!! Lucky lucky you having these beautiful photos. Think I may need to take a photographer friend out for a day... hmmmmm. Perhaps when it's not so hot. Have a lovely christmas.

  4. Stunning photos! Looks (and sounds) like you had a fabulous time with your friends, and of course your boys. Love the "official" family portrait...and the ones of the boys on the motorbike! xo

  5. Beyooooooootiful. Just gorgeous, each one. A little bit of magic captured and photos that in years to come will bring so much richness and texture. Absolutely stunning. xxxxx

  6. Love these Brigitte! Especially the builders butt one. Have a lovely Christmas. And say hi to Austin for me. Nice to see his face.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos!!! :) So cool seeing Luca on all the santa rides, by the look of excitement on his face I think he will remember it as a very magical day for a very long time :) And Beni is getting sooo big with his standing up and all his wee teeth!! Love his roaring face :)

    Miss you all heaps and heaps xxx

  8. What a magical day for you guys! action packed and full to the brim of lovely marshmallow moments. I loved the winter wonderland and the deco's on Carnaby St. Loving seeing your fun times!

  9. wow, what a gorgeous family! I loved how your son is sticking out his butt in the first pics...hahaha!
    thanks for your comment on my blog yesterday, I'm so pleased you're going the HB route. I hope you have fab support. I'd be more than happy to be a sounding board if you ever need one :)
    Dee xo

  10. Wonderful. Brings back memories of this time last year with Gretchen and I keeping Luca occupied on the train on the way home from the city, singing songs and pointing out every lit-up Christmas tree and truck and fast car and drinking to-die-for hot choclate and Luca's hot chocolate moustache and snow and wee Beni wrapped up snug and warm in his sling and Oxford Street lights and Carnaby Street. Wonderful. Didn't get to Winter Wonderland though ... nevermind. Another time and this time with Dad as well :)!
    Love all the photos. Love you all xxxxx.

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