Monday, 28 February 2011

Catching the moments

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I think I'm getting better at remembering to have the camera handy for those moments that happen during the day when I think "Oh this is sweet/special/hilarious" etc., and I am now quick { quick as a 6 month pregnant lady can be kind of quick} to jump up, grab the camera and click away, hoping the shots will be in focus...!

So here's some moments captured from our weekend and Monday:

~ Beni-Boo the Ghost

~ Bob The Builder stickers from Luca for the baby

~ Luca showing off his monkey climbing techniques on the bars of his bunk-bed

 ~ Loving that we have another little boy who likes to read

~ And who also likes to help Pappa with whatever it is he is doing {our boys have such a patient and loving Pappa!}
They were actually fixing the toilet door handle so a certain cheeky little 1 year old could no longer push the door open and dip his hands in the water in the toilet bowl. Very gross.

~ Playing 'Mechanics'
 ...which involves all manner of measuring, hammering and drilling...
Money was exchanged.
Dodgey deals were completed.

Catching and Enjoying the Moments before they disappear forever.


  1. How sweet this is. These moments are gone oh so quickly aren't they?

  2. very sweet captures! Congrats on upcoming baby!

  3. What is it with one-year-olds and the toilet? Pudge likes to do that as well! Beni Boo makes an adorable ghost, and your bump is gorgeous. I'm a bit jealous. :)

  4. Loving the ghost and his big wide ghost mouth!! That one made me laugh out loud. Love xxx

  5. HAW HAW HAWWWW! Ow the ghost made me laugh so much my sides hurt. Bet he sounded like a husky foghorn crossed with a dinosaur crossed with a ghost. Cute.

    And the stickers for numero tre made my heart go 'pop' - such sweet boys those little (or not so little) Boksers are!


  6. Love your wee boys! Lovely, wonderful family times xx!


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