Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Who would've thought...

...that in 2 weeks our 2 laptops would be broken?

You may/may not have noticed I haven't been saying much in BlogLand recently - this is because of the above.

First the laptop I use at home during the day gave the dreaded blue-screen of death and then my husband's work laptop dies a quick death when falling off the couch on Saturday morning while Luca was playing games on it...oops!

Who needs modern technology anyway??.... I DO!!!
As nice as it is to not have any contact with the outside world (we don't have a TV either... I KNOW!! But that was by choice) I have to say I miss having the option of letting Luca play computer games to shut him up keep him quietly entertained for a bit...

But I have been pleasantly surprised to see the two boys happily sitting down reading their books, doing puzzles and fixing their cars together more so than usual because they know there isn't any other form of entertainment for them (i.e. a computer to play a DVD or watch a couple of episodes of "Rasta Mouse").
Like a lot.

At the moment I'm using a loaned laptop from Austin's work while his other one gets fixed.
I did have a quick look-see in the Apple store in the weekend but quickly made a hasty retreat when I saw the prices of their MacBooks (£1,000+ !!! Tell them they're dreaming!)
This is most unfortunate as I would have been very happy with any of these.

I've read 3 books in 2 weeks (including more focused time reading the bible which is always good!) and played many games of "Get You", Super-Stars of Wrestling and "Monster Mamma" which always leave the boys happily tickled-out and leaves their Mamma exhausted and a little sore because she sometimes forgets she's 6 months pregnant and really shouldn't do too many wrestling moves...

I guess it's always nice to know that I'm not too obsessed with technology and modern gadgets and that, in fact, I can manage and be very happy without them! Just as long as I've still got my iphone...........

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  1. Memories of when we decided to not have the tv on for 2 weeks. You all learnt how to play chess amongst other things.


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