Thursday, 24 February 2011

It's the little things that really matter

In the wake of the tragic earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand on Tuesday I find my thoughts are constantly turned towards my beloved country and the people of Christchurch.

Reading news updates and stories of both miraculous escapes and personal loss I find myself taking any opportunity to embrace my children, kissing their soft cheeks and nuzzling into their necks as I breathe in their scent.

The enormity of what has happened is almost too much to grasp and I feel so far from home and family right now.

My sister, who lives in Wellington, just happened to be in Christchurch for a work conference on that day. I got a txt from her only a few minutes after it had happened saying there had been a massive earthquake and that she was okay.
Unavailability at hotels in the city center meant the conference she was attending was instead held at a venue on the outskirts of Christchurch in a new and (what proved itself to be) stable building.
A small decision such as which venue to choose, but the outcome could have been so very different for her. I don't even want to think upon that possibility.

Even from the other side of the world we are feeling the effects of this very sad sad time in New Zealand.
My day-to-day concerns/worries/frustrations pale in comparison in the face of what really matters to me.
My family.
My friends.
Life and the after-life.

I have floated through this week in a bit of a dream, not accomplishing much at all, my thoughts consumed and my heart breaking for my country, my people.
I have been taking the time to delight in the little things around me - those "little things" namely being my little Luca and Beniamino.

And so, mainly for the grandparents, uncles and aunties of these two little guys, here are some photos to bring you warmth and cheer.

~ Beni full of giggles at his big brother's antics.

~ Luca doing some cooking with Pappa.
That's really what you don't want to see - the chef with a finger up his nose...

~ The new way to eat porridge = rub it through your hair.
~ Luca patiently waiting and ready to go on a Big Boy's Day Out with Pappa.
That's him 'smiling' for the camera... We need to work on that obviously.

~ Beni-Boo in his new superman outfit, complete with cape {thanks Anna-Kate & Pango!!}
Bet you never knew that Superman does a very good dinosaur roar.

Tin-Tin-style curl thanks to this morning's porridge.

Sending lots and lots of Aroha to Aotearoa.


  1. So glad your sister is safe - what a day to be down there!!
    Your children are delightful - times like now in NZ remind me that we need to just soak in the simplicity of a child's smile and treasure it.

    Thanks so much for your donation too. So encouraging to get support from all corners of the globe!!xx

  2. What a blessed "escape" for your sister. It is like living in a dream - life is going on mostly as per usual for us here in the North Island, but you only have to turn on the TV coverage to be reminded that so many people are suffering, afraid, homeless or have lost loved ones. I broke down last night when two of the first victims named were 9 and 5 month old babies.

    Doesn't seem real - but it is. :(

  3. Your children have THE BEST expressions! And I'm LOVING your youngest ones hair :)

    So relieved your sister was safe. I have a couple of close family friends that were in central Christchurch that all thankfully made it out with only a few scrapes, but very jangled nerves. One friend is coming to stay next week to get some sleep (well, that's if my three children don't interrupt too much!) x

    I'm definitely appreciating the 'smaller' details of life more at the moment x

    Love, Sarah

  4. Have been away on honeymoon etc and was catching up on your blog posts. Just an FYI but all your pix seem to have disappeared! Just a big ? in safari and only the captions in firefox.


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