Saturday, 7 May 2011

Boat Watching, Nana Naps & a Bedroom Re-Style

What a lovely Saturday we've had.
Well, I've had a lovely Saturday - my husband may beg to differ...

You see, I got to have a sleep-in till about 9am. Sweet.

Then after making me a cup of coffee and some porridge Austin took Luca to the supermarket (which is actually an incredibly exciting 'Big Adventure' for his 3 year old life) and they got to sit down and have a special treat together at the supermarket cafeteria... WHOOP!
And while they were there Luca got some new sandals which just happen to be Lightning McQueen ones.

Oh the joy and pride on his face when he came home wearing his new big boy size 12 (!!) sandals, trying not to smile, you know how it is.

While they were at the supermarket Beni and I had a wee lie down. For two hours.

After lunch Austin took the boys for an outing to Kingston (he is so good to me!) where they had a playground adventure and watched boats on the River Thames.

While they were out I had a two hour nana nap. Yes, another two hour snooze... this baby's sucking the life out of me I tell you!

And took some photos for you of the new look for our bedroom (following on from this post).

I'm enjoying it - the colour and style is more 'me' again. And I'm 98% sure Austin likes it also... I know he's happy the pink's gone.

The quilt is made from an old sheet which was one of my first purchases when we arrived in London nearly 10 years ago. I'm so pleased I held onto this one - I've been wanting to do something with it for a while but haven't found the right project, until now.

Cushion covers were from fabrics I had in my rapidly growing stash. Nice to put them to good use rather than just sigh over them whenever I pass them by.

So all-in-all a jolly good Saturday - and I didn't even leave the house...!
Very nice indeed.


  1. your room is BEA-UT-TIFUL :)

  2. I love the quilt cover and your family photos on the side bar too. I read blogs in my google reader so I don't often actually visit them :o)

  3. Girl...u done got your blog did! Hee...lovin' all the fresh in your life.

  4. love the little makeover. Good for you getting rest when you need it

  5. oh your hubby is good to you indeed! and i love the room, especially the quilt! xx

  6. Well done Geets - and rest up. I have a feeling baby might be coming reeeeally soon .... tell Ma and Pa Bokser to get a move on and get over there!! xxxxx

  7. Not long till my sewing machine arrives and your quilt and cushion cover photos (from yours and the boys' room) has got me itching to get making some.

    Any tips turning the sheet into a quilt? I'm gonna see if I can find some f missoni-esk fabric and funkify our sofa.

    You sound like you need and deserve this Saturday of peace. Plus it's some bonding time for Austin and the boys before baby 3 arrives, so I bet they loved it too :-)

  8. Ooooh I love your room..... and my hubby's great too, he takes the boys out all the time. Good luck with your new bubba too..... the last few weeks drag by don't they!


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