Saturday, 4 June 2011

These Moments

It was two weeks yesterday since we welcomed our dear wee man Max into the world.
Do I remember much of the past two weeks? Ah, nope.

But that's ok - it's a good thing my husband is quite diligent in taking photos when I don't remember to. It means I am able to look back on the day and weeks gone by and recall the moments we have shared together as a new family of five and with Granny and Pop during their stay with us.

Oh and there have been so many moments worth remembering.
And there have been just as many tantrums and challenges I wish I could forget.

Number One Son has taken to testing the boundaries. Again.
Why not hey?
I'm trusting this will all settle down in time - in the meantime we are just trying to keep our cool and understand what it is he is feeling about the new addition and the changes to his world that this brings.

Yesterday was a better day that's for sure.
Today.... not so good.

Oh well. A packet of peanut M&M's has just made me feel a whole lot better.

So now, here are some of the good moments we have had over the past two weeks.


Summer Evening Picnics.
It's been hotting up here nicely so we made the most of a warm summer's evening and took a picnic downstairs. 

Baby Wearing
The pictures say it all.

London Sunsets
Always rather spectacular.

A Teeny Tiny Baby
With Teeny Tiny Feet
And Teeny Tiny Hands that he likes to put between Mamma's breasts when feeding...

Making Friends With Creation
Luca has become 'The Bug Whisperer'.

Going for big walks, even when it's raining...

Enjoying Pub Meals
(and laying out one's hot chips on one's beloved Muzzy while they cool down)
Juice in one hand + chips in the other = Heaven.

An outing to Richmond
We walked along the banks of the River Thames to Petersham Nurseries which is a garden centre with a cafe and restaurant.
Very classy.
Very English.
The perfect spot for cakes and tea.

One Tired But Happy Mamma

You don't choose your family.  They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.  
~Desmond Tutu


  1. Lovely, lovely photos! Those places seem so idyllic! Little tiny baby feet are the best :) Zayn loves to play with my hair while I nurse him. How lovely that it isn't too hot and you can go out and enjoy picnics, walks, and other outings :) Love is all around. xx

  2. What beautiful photos! Max looks so snuggly. Cluck cluck

  3. How lovely! Beautiful, yes tired, but gorgeously so. We will be in London for a few days in just over a week - those pictures were special to view knowing we will be there so soon! xx

  4. Beautiful photos and post xo

  5. There's is something delicious about a sleeping newborn. Lovely pics.

  6. What a great post! Jealous of your summer evening picnic--looks just about perfect--and all your lovely summer walks! You're making me want to visit London...

  7. You look gorgeous! I love that dazed but oh so beautiful look Mama's with a newborn have!

  8. Hello Mamma. I read this the other day on my mobile and didn't comment. So sweet and everyone looks so well. Be sure to read my post tomorrow, whenever that is your time. I mention you. ;)

  9. Beautiful family and photos! Hope the next 2 weeks are filled with even more loving memories =)

  10. I love the feet pic and what an awesome header it makes for your blog. Beautiful pictures of your new family of 5.

  11. Brigitte!! Congratulations you clever girl!!!!
    How did I miss this huge news????
    Amd your photos are STUNNING.
    Loved this post, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Which is nice cos its actually pretty cold and rainy here. So warm and fuzzy is GOOOD.

    I'm still gobsmacked.
    OH and LOVING your "new"(?) blog look!!
    What can i say, its been too long!

  12. Wow! I normally catch up on your blog from my iphone but today I checked in on the computer and WOW it looks so amazing on the big screen. Your photos are just stunning, and you're doing all this with 3 little ones. What a star! Keep up the awesome work - we love reading it. :)


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