Tuesday, 19 July 2011

London Love

It wasn't long after being in London that I realised I had totally taken for granted the cleanliness and beauty of my homeland, New Zealand. I realised there were so many sights and experiences at my fingertips that I never accessed because it seemed too 'touristy'. I now have a list as long as Austin's arm (now that's very long) listing all the things I want to see and do during our next visits to NZ.

Funnily (and strangely enough) we have unwittingly adopted this same mentality with London. The once spectacular has now become the familiar. But there are moments when I am blown away by this city we live in, it's history, architecture, culture and it's beauty.

This weekend was one of those moments.

We have Austin's brother and his girlfriend staying with us currently, on their way through to Berlin. This is nice for not only spending much anticipated quality time with them, but also because they want to see London.

So Sunday after church we weaved our way through many little streets and alleyways, loving the laziness of the Sunday crowds.
I love the opportunity to meander through London, a casual stroll with people who are seeing London through "fresh off the boat" eyes, pointing out buildings and streets and little boutiques that I haven't even noticed before, and visiting cafe's for an always welcome caffeine fix.

Unfortunately the day ended with our Phil & Teds buggy breaking. Breaking, as in like, literally snapping in half. Not happy about that. At all.
That buggy is my life-saver, it enables me to survive in London with 3 children and no car.
I am now officially in mourning for Big Red.

It also means I can't go running with Beni and Max in the buggy while Luca's at school which was a big part of my "Losing the Fat Suit" plan. Darnnit.
So my mission for the next week or two is to find ourselves another P&T double buggy for under £100...  tell her she's dreaming? We'll see. Ebay is my friend and I'm counting on it (and an Act Of God) to deliver.

When was the last time you did something 'touristy' around the area you live?


  1. the only thing i dislike about you ~ is that you live where i want to live. embrace it! :) great photos!!!

  2. Wow beautiful pics Brigitte - I especially love that second one with the clouds! That's such a bummer about your Phil & Teds - it seriously wouldn't hurt to get in contact with them directly and see if they would be prepared to do anything for you - having had 2 of their strollers now, I've found their after sales service phenomenal, they pride themselves on it. Also there's the whole 'being a blogger' thing..power of the positive word and all that....worth a try if you can spare the time?! :-)

  3. I love that line from the Castle "tell her she's dreaming". I pray favour in the Ebay world!
    Great pix...hope to see London in person oneday!

  4. I remember when I first came to London and realised how young NZ !!
    Beautiful photos

  5. love the photos! something 'touristy' where i live... i've never been touristy in alafrickenbama. i've been curious to visit old plantations where there is so much sad history. i don't think that's touristy though. i want to live in london so badly :) xx

  6. I was thinking "Gosh Austin looks a bit down in that photo", now completely understandable with a broken buggy :-(

    I think what Meghan says is worth a go. Get in touch with the manufacturers. Nothing to lose eh?

    Good ebay thoughts coming your way.

    Last touristy thing I did was go for a romantic dinner at Wildfire while Vivid Sydney was on. Watching the Opera House Sails all lit up with spectacular digital light effects while eating an amazing meal was incredible.

  7. Am feeling sad about your buggy. I remember being there when you bought it and it was so exciting! When was the last time we did a touristy thing where we live? Only been here for a few weeks, but where we used to live - we went for a ride on the old paddle steamer for our wedding anniversary and saw views on the lake we've never seen before. Just beautiful.

  8. I agree with Meghan - it would be a good idea to contact P&T because snapping in half is really a safety issue ......... hmmm?


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