Thursday, 21 July 2011

Presents & Cookies

Good news from afar is like cold water to the thirsty.
Presents from the other side of the world is exciting as finding buried treasure. No matter what your age.

With the arrival of Austin's brother and his girlfriend came a wee bundle of PRESENTS from family in New Zealand. And with the promise of presents came two very excited little boys who immediately sat down, crossed their legs and folded their arms in anticipation of their gifts.

With the opening of presents came the opportunity for son number two to pull the wrapping tissue apart with his teeth. As you do...

*Thanks Granny & Pop for my Edmonds Cookbook! Can't believe I survived in London so long without this essential piece of Kiwiana*

With the arrival of the great Edmonds Cookbook came the all-consuming need to make chocolate chip cookies!

...and to eat the cookie mixture when you think Mamma's not looking.

Luca likes to make his cookies look like sausages. And why not?

Thank you Granny & Pop, Keith & Lynn and Sarah for the very cool gifts you sent over for us. You all ROCK!   XO


  1. Awesome!!!
    Love the pictures as always, you clever girl.
    And YAY for the Edmonds cookbook. Its honestly the ONLY one I EVER use... and those choc chip cookies...?
    Yay for presents from afar

  2. Oooh, I love presents! My mother in law gifted me the Edmonds cookbook when we left the country. And taste testing when Mum's back is turned is by far the best part ;)

  3. These picture are too cute!!


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