Saturday, 16 July 2011

Running Mamma

I'm posting over here today.

Why don't you join me on this journey - it'll be fun! X


  1. When I first started my Tri training last year, I came across this blog. Well done you...You have inspired me to get my trainers on again...I was gonna wait until spring because winter training sucks...but I think I'll find a treadmill. Do you have a goal in mind?

  2. I found your blog last year through (I think?) Delightfully Diva-ish. Expecting baby number 3 in about 10 weeks time but I am looking forward to getting the running shoes on again, I will be following your blog for inspiration in the meantime! PS I lived in London for 2 years oh about 15 years ago its rather nostalgic reading your blog from all the way back in NZ :-)


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