Friday, 22 July 2011

Loving: this little guy

It's been quite a ride Massimiliano - my little Maxie-Moo, but we've made it.
In 9 weeks you have gone from teeny tiny newborn to a chubby bonnie wee lad.

You are still waking every 1-2 hours during the night for a feed, but I don't mind. It means I get to cradle you in my arms again and tell you how cute you are and hold you that little bit longer when you eventually fall asleep on me.

This week you have started to smile!
And you have found your vocal chords and spend a lot of your waking time trying out new sounds. Your current favourite is the gurgle.

You are still making your Billy Goat Gruff noises when you stir in your sleep or when you are feeding. I'm wondering if we should have called you Billy...

Most of your golden hair you were born with has fallen out, but it looks like the new hair coming through is. in fact. GOLDEN. Hoorah! 

I shall call him 'Goldie Boy,' and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Goldie Boy.

I always wanted a golden-haired child.
And now I have you.

Keep growing strong and healthy and keep loving the boosie.

Loving you being in my world. I am honoured to be your Mamma.



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  1. Linked up too... what a BEAUTIFUL little one. :) Blessings to you!

  2. Oh he is adorable :) Absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe he's nine weeks old all ready!

  3. Darling wee baby boy xx! He's growing up so fast. Keep enjoying him and your other little ones as well. You're a wonderful mamma and we're very proud of you xxx.

  4. Wow 9 weeks! Beautiful Max :) xx

  5. Oh my..this is sooo sweet and he is a precious boy! So glad to have found you and your blog. I'm a new follower. :)

  6. What a cute little bubba! You have such a sweet attitude to those nighttime feeds :o)

  7. Awww loving this post (and the new header too!) I love that little quote....and do I detect a line swiped from Dory on finding Nemo?! So sweet.

  8. Super cute post! That pic is beautiful! I hope that things are looking up health wise for your bonnie little man now? Sounds like he has given you many scares recently.

    I have a golden haired child too and who knows where it came from. But I, too,love it. :) x


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