Monday, 25 July 2011

Making use of the National Health Service

A weekend documented using Camera+

Well, we have had quite some weekend.

Where do I start?
Where Luca had to be taken to casualty? Or where Beni had to be taken by paramedics to casualty?

Yep. More rides in ambulances. More visits to the hospital.
There seems to be a summer respiratory virus lurking around and, unfortunately, our boys have been taken down by it.

Since Wednesday Luca has been off school with croup. He perked up some on Friday and Saturday morning, but by Saturday afternoon his eyes were getting glassy again and he was being very lethargic.

Shortly after this photo his temperature soared to 41.5 degrees which eventuated in a midnight journey to the hospital. He was diagnosed with a chest infection and fortunately was able to come home within a couple of hours. God bless our dear friend Matty who, in response to a middle-of-the-night phonecall, provided a {very caring} taxi service to A&E for Austin and Luca.

Sunday we were all feeling very wasted after a rather eventful night so while all the boys slept...

... I used the opportunity to do some baking!

Although I only got part way through making the slice before I heard Beni coughing in his sleep, went to check on him, he had a raging temperature and laboured breathing, resulting in a ride to the hospital in an ambulance {14 hours after Luca had been there}.

Fun times people. Fun times.
Not really. Actually.

I was also feeling highly embarrassed that our place was such a mess when the paramedics arrived...
Beni was on our bed which was stripped bare because Saturday is washing day.
So he was lying on a stained, bare pillow, our chests of drawers were piled high with washing (at least it was folded and clean!) and a whole lot of things I'm sorting through, our pictures on the wall are crooked and one's fallen down... you know what, I bet they didn't even notice. I'm just anal like that.
Maybe they thought our house was clean compared to some they see?

So Beni was given steroids to clear his airways and then was home again a few hours later. At least there was no overnight stays required this time, though Austin did pack extra undies just incase.

And now we have two very mellow, sick little boys.

And one littlest boy who is now very well and healthy who is always either sleeping...

...feeding, or smiling.

Pretty cute huh?

And I want y'all to know that we have a handful of FOREVER friends who constantly look out for our well-being. Not only do they come to the rescue in the middle of the night when a ride to the hospital is required, but we were also given a meal on Sunday night - pasta, juice and a fruit platter - just because.

My nerves are now shot and I'm hoping no more trips to A&E will be required in the near future.
I'm not keen for a repeat of this weekend.

Although the sunsets were rather lovely.



  1. Good to know you have friends who are there when you need them. Big hugs x

  2. Sorry to here of all the hospital trips. Will keep your family in my prayers. Even when they are sick your boys are adorable. And I get you on the messy house thing. I'm sure other people don't notice but in my head they do!

  3. Man, hon!! Praying STRENGTH into those bodies over there. So glad you have amazing help on hand, but gosh, praying too that there isnt a repeat of that weekend!!xx

  4. Oh no! With Gail and all she said!!!! What amazing friends you have, super blessed

  5. Oh MAN!!!
    What a crazy weekend.
    No I feel very frivolous saying that your new blog look is HOT and so is your self portrait.
    I hope your sweeties don't give you another weekend like that EVER again... and that they are WELL on the mend.

  6. :( poor wee poppets and poor you. Hope the rest of your week gets better.

  7. Darling wee boys. So glad they're all on the mend. LOVE Max's smiling gurgling face xx!!

  8. Precious lady, been thinking and praying for you guys, big big stuff. trust this week is a breathing easy week for you and enjoying in the small milestones and the precious times. Loads of love to you and your marvellous men. s xx

  9. Golly what a time of it you've had lately. Praying for wellness and lots of it for you all! What a blessing to have those nearby you can count on always too xx

  10. at least your blog looks DANG amazing! glad everyone is recovering. jeb had breathing issues and we had to buy the breathing machine for the house. more good times. :)

  11. So glad you all are on the mend. Cuteness little baby smile.. luv that pic. And I'm sure the paramedics didn't think a thing about your house.. us women.. and the pressure we put on ourselves, huh? :)

  12. I bet those paramedics loved the baking.... or at least the smell of it! Go to good old Kingston Hospital did you? We had a few late night encounters there when Zane was a baby too!! Ahh the memories. Wish we could be part of the rescue crew.

  13. Yikes! Hope your boys make a full and quick recovery. The pic of them on the couch is too cute.


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