Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Mid-Week recap: life captured on the phone camera

Life goes by so fast nowadays. The best we can do is capture little pockets of it here and there - as often as possible - lest we forget all the good, simple, fun and spontaneous times.

Austin and I have been quite good lately at remembering to whip out our phones to record little moments in our days, when getting out the 'big' camera seems too much of a fuss.

Luca TJ has also been having a bit of fun with Papa's phone...

One of the favourite games to play with Aunty T is 'Ambulances'.
It goes like this: 1-2 casualties lie on the ground in a critical condition (most commonly that includes arms wide, tongue out). Ambulance T comes rushing into the room, sirens blazing (sound effects usually provided by Beni) and assesses the situation which always calls for chest compressions and (if they are not responding/'alive' by compression number 15 then an oxygen mask is used. This usually does the trick.

Austin is on holiday for 3 weeks so has been enjoying having the time to bake bread again. Today was a country-style loaf. Oh yeaaaaaahhh.

When I run with the buggy I have these two little blue eyes staring up at me when he's not sleeping. Dear wee guy.

Luca's favourite pastime is car-spotting when we are on the bus.
He's pretty darn good at it too.
"Audi car, Mini car, Vauxhall, Porsche car, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Taxi, Mercedes van, Citroen, Cool car, Fast car..."

Austin introducing Max to the finer things in life... (don't worry, he was just gumming the bottle but it was a funny moment I just had to capture)

And then there's the sunsets and/or rainbows.
Always stunning.

It's not a perfect life.
But it's our life.
And it's a good life.

Happy Hump Day y'all! X



  1. oh how cute playing resusitation games!

    lovely pics and lovely family

  2. Ah, Luca giving me chest compressions when I pretended to faint in the heath the other day now makes more sense.

  3. Love the photos taken by Luca, showing the world from the perspective of a 4 year old. The toilet bowl even makes a special guest appearance.

  4. Luca's pretty good with the camera! So pleased we know what the toilet bowl picture is now - we were scratching our heads a bit there xx!!

  5. ahhhh... you said ya'll like i do. i thought that was only a thing of the deep south. ;)


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