Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Anticipation For What's Ahead

So much cheeky-ness wrapped up in these delicious parcels that are my boys.
Each of them a unique person, an individual who is full of personality.
And each with technical abilities well beyond their years/months... I have just found this post had been 'submitted' onto my blog by my two year old.
He knows which buttons to press. Literally.

I'm not getting a whole lot of packing done at the moment - too many little hands around who, although they want to help, manage to un-help the situation...
But we are thankful for our FAB friends Matty & Sezzy who took the boys for the day on Sunday so Austin and I could get stuck into some serious packing. And they're taking them again on Saturday (brave souls) so we can get more boxed up and ready to go.

Doing his lunges before he does the whole "standing thang".

The anticipation of moving to Italy is almost overwhelming. I just want to be there now! but it will happen soon enough.

Nothing much more to report on here and I'm struggling to focus.
Dishes are waiting for me in the sink.
Washing to be folded on the couch and in the machine to be hung out.
I'm feeling very out-of-routine at the moment because our time in this wee London flat is coming to an end and my heart is already in our spacious house in Italy.
I can't help it.
And also because it's only 8 weeks until I see my dad and mum again whom I haven't seen for 2 years!!
I'm so looking forward to sharing all the good things we know and love about Italy with my parents. I think mum will be so overwhelmed by it all she'll just end up being a puddle on the ground. And I don't blame her. It's a magical place. Truly.

Anyhoo, thought I'd leave you with a super-cute photo of my little Massimiliano who is nearly 10 months old... WHOAH! He's just so flippin' CUTE and freaking nearly walking! The little monkey.

Hope your Tuesday is treating you well! Thanks for dropping by X



  1. haha, I love the lunges!! And the tiger stripe pants are back! Very cute photos. Like the little Italian Ferrari tribute too :) Yes for being able to play outside more often with the warmer weather! xx

  2. EXCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I won't be surprised if Max is walking by Sunday. Mr Happy.

  3. wow suddenly little max is a big boy with his walking feet!

  4. As always - love your photos!
    And yes, SO EXCITING!! I can't wait for your Italy posts!!

  5. It's come round so quick! Not long now. You'll blink and be there,

  6. Love the photos they are just beautiful and keep us going xx. Can't wait to see you all in real life xxx!


  7. Tell him to sit down!!!!!! Lol!!! So big!!

  8. oh my gosh! that last picture is soooooo dam CUTE!!!! i just want to hug and squeeze and kiss all of those boys have to get my butt over there soon!!

    Dad gum! (as my friend mater would say)

    1. (that was supposed to be a reply to miss Bubble's comment above - phone put the comment in the wrong place)

  10. WHAT???? I don't visit for a few days?(weeks??) and I miss THIS NEWS!!!!???
    Italy, wow.
    Where's the post. Are there photos??
    Oh wow, brigitte, you are living the dream!!!
    (and your boys are DELICIOUS!!!!!)


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