Wednesday, 21 March 2012

10 Things I Need To Master Before Living In Italy

1) Learn how to walk  S L O W L Y ....
2) Learn how to talk fast!
3) Learn how to say:
- Can you look after my children for 1-3 days?
- Yes my husband is coming back but he's currently working in London for the next 12 days, 5 hours and 45 seconds... 43...42...41....
- I need HELP!          
- I need WINE!
4) Get used to not having milk in my coffee after 10am....
5) Perfect how to tickle 3 boys at once (I'm pretty good at this but need more practise)
6) Learn these beach dance moves:

7) Learn how to fight back if a dog bites my behind when I'm out running - instead of just screaming and thinking I'm going to be mauled to death. If there is a next time Brigitte, bite it back for goodness sake!
8) Get used to not eating dinner until after 8pm.
9) Learn the art of having a 'siesta' where stores close at 12pm and everyone goes home to cook, eat and rest a little until 4pm. Sounds divine!
10) Prepare my taste-buds for taste sensations!

One week today we fly out - ARGH! Excited! Scared. Happy to be going. Sad to be leaving. A whole mixed bag of emotions. But this was to be expected. And who ever said that 'Living the Dream' was full of happiness with no times sadness? Full of friends with no times of loneliness?

But the overwhelming emotion? Peace.
And that's exciting.



  1. 1) Ask Jenna
    2) Ask Tyra
    4) EASY
    5) I'm still asking santa for 6 extra limbs
    6) Ask Steve (and I wanted to gouge my eyes out just to make it stop)
    7) Ask Winnie
    8) Don't ask me
    9) This could be dangerous for me...
    10) HECK YES. Lemon and meat = Favourite. And tomatoes. And figs. And tartufo. And basil. And SEAFOOD. And.... *sigh... I die!*

  2. Oh how exciting/stressful this week must be for you. If I'm feeling really nervous about something I convince myself that I'm actually feeling excited. The feelings are pretty similar. I love the siesta idea too... except that I think then the kids stay up till 11pm! Not sure I'd be down with that. Looking forward to reading about your new Italian life. Hey do you make $ on the google ads?

  3. OH man, I LOVE a siesta!!! The rest of the world needs to pick up on that one!!
    Pray that you find so much joy this week amongst the "must-dos" - especially the dog bite prevention!!

  4. That list sounds superb, so jealous!
    AND I can't believe that we are both friends with Desi! How microscopic is this world? I love love love Desi. My huge regret is that we don't live near one another and actually contemplated going to live in Masterton. Until reason and my big-city-love reinserted themselves, that is.
    I have to say, knowing that Desi loves you means a lot to me. With you it's gone from "I am sure we would get on if we met" to "We'd be really good friends"!!!
    Isn't she lovely? Desi is amazing and that's all there is to it xxx

  5. So exciting! Thinking of you as the week unfolds. xxx

  6. this is so exciting brigitte. i cannot wait to see you posting from italy. and the food - how glorious it will be. hope all is well. i have reunited with blogland again after some goings on. veronica. xo.

  7. Wow. We are SO doing that dance on the beach next time I'm over.

    And if you want I can teach you how to speak fast AND in Italian. Easy-o.

  8. Not long, not long. So excited for you. Doggies...look out, here comes a keener, meaner Brigitte!

  9. How exciting Bri-babe!!! Im with Tyra on that one ;-) dancing on the beach hehehehe!! Love you kindred!


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