Friday, 13 April 2012

Alti e bassi

It's always good to look back on yesterday and know that you got through it.

We certainly had some wonderful, delightful moments - like when the two youngest boys were having their afternoon naps and Luca and I were cuddled on the couch learning new Italian words.
And we seemed to have more than the fair share of rough moments - like when I was changing Max's nappy and I went back upstairs to find a large patch of wallpaper in the spare bedroom had been ripped off the wall and the porta-cot was broken on one side. Awesome.

Oh and skype miraculously worked for all of 5 minutes in the morning so we got to talk to Pappa! So exciting. It feels like he's been gone for weeks but it's only been 4 days.... I'm realising how much I really rely on Austin for support with parenting. We're a Team and it's hard going without him.

I'm still waiting to 'find our groove' - unfortunately today I'm feeling rather deflated, the wind's gone from my sails, so today will be a DVD day. And I'm cool with that. My aim is to keep food in their mouths (because they are always hungry!), coffee in my system and for there to be minimal amounts of screaming at me from our 'passionate' four year old and time on the tempo fuori sede (time out seat - sounds so much nicer in Italian...).

It's Friday and that means 'Pizza Night' as our new tradition. Real Italian pizza made with the simplest of ingredients that tastes like a party is happening in your mouth. Maybe I might even treat myself to a glass of wine. I'd love to think I could indulge in a whole bottle but unfortunately I need to be the responsible parent. *sigh*

Looking forward to seeing Toddy (brother-in-law) and Becky on Monday who are coming from Berlin to stay for four days!

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, support and thoughts - I really appreciate them!
Here's to a hopefully smooth-sailing and chilled-out Friday.



  1. Awwwwwww, they all look so happy, calm and industrious fixing their bikes (and making the drill noises, good to see), playing with the train set and learning words (go Lucsi, go!)

    I forgot Todd and Becky are arriving - GREAT!! They'll let you have more than one glass.

    And then it'll be only another week-ish until the presents from nuova zelanda arrive - YES! Le GRANDE presenti!! (said in appropriate Muzzi voice).

    Love you, give my boys big squeeeeeeeeezes and kisses from Aunty Gretchie xxx

  2. I don't have 3 boys, just 1 and I feel exhausted from last year with no sleep. He loves Elmo and I'm glad I'm not alone with letting him have a dvd day. My dad bought him a portable dvd player and Zayn just loves it. I need to be responsible and go to bed, but this is my time to catch up on my favourite blogs! A warm cuppa tea sounds good now too...

    You're an amazing mum and you're doing fabulous!!! xx

  3. aw sweets - you are SUPER amazing and doing such a great job. Total respect for the single parentness (is that a word?) time you are going through. James was away for 3 days last week and it was hard going for me - and I'm not in a foreign country without family! And so DVD days are totally acceptable and needed - oh and I had a thought - are your folks going directly to you and if so do you think they could squeeze in an ice-cream container of brownie? I would just need their address and I could post it to them just before they leave! Sound like a plan stan?
    xox Sez


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