Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Out Of Control

I've just completed Day Two since Austin went back to London.
I don't mean to be dramatic but I feel like I'm dying!
OK I know I'm not going to die from it but being a Stay-At-Home-Mamma of 3 (high-on-energy) boys in Italy by myself has done me in today.

They have been out of control. (but having fun I might add. When they're not screaming at me).

The weather today has been out of control. But great for drying washing.

My coffee drinking today has been out of control. {Yes Austin I'm drinking filtered coffee, but surely it's one step up from instant?...}

Skype has been out of control for the past 2 days which means our plan of talking with Austin every day is failing miserably. 

The only good thing about their 'out of control-ness' is that it exhausts them.
And that through it all they still remain super cute.

Not a lot of time and opportunity for learning and mastering the Italian language today. Just trying to keep little fingers clean, out of their noses and away from door hinges. 
And remembering to breathe.

 Hoping tomorrow brings with it an easier, calmer day.



  1. Oh sweets! Praying that tomorrow is so much better xx

  2. I can only imagine...hang in there...hopefully you will find a new rhythm real soon xx

  3. Oh Brigitte! You are doing amazing and I so know what you mean (ok not the part about living in Italy without your the husband coming home every night) but about feeling done in. The feeling that if you make it through the next ten minutes without losing your mind it will be a miracle! I am sure that you and your wonderful boys will find yourself in a groove soon! Thinking of you xxx

    ps If I win lotto miracleously I'll come over and give you a hand!

  4. You are so amazing! Parenting by yourself in Italy? I take my hat off to you. You are doing a wicked job and your boys are gorgeous. Have been loving the glimpses of Italy through your blog! xo

  5. Those boys look full of mischief :o)! We'll be there soon xxxx

    1. I wonder if they inherited that from their mamma...
      YAY! We will be there in TWENTY FIVE SLEEEEEEPS! (or four Fridays, that's very soon)
      Mum, you and Dad are here in TWENTY FOUR SLEEPS. *Sniff*

  6. I can only imagine what it would be like to have 3 boys full-time! I really hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Oh and I love your header!

  7. I love how Max just hangs out with his big brothers, smiling and laughing at them, cheeky monkey. How many times has he gotten into the lily? Mmmm, dirt. Yum.

    You're doing good Geetwa, I put in a request for a GREAT day for you today xx

  8. Ah Geets, hang in there!! You're doing great! Love you xxx


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