Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Football Time

Between 4pm and 6pm every day the main piazza in our village comes alive with children playing football. *these photos were taken at about 3pm so that's why the piazza isn't filled with children and footballs...!

Luca loves to watch the big kids kick their footballs. He watches their technique and fancy moves and tries to copy them. And he does a pretty good job.

Beni just spends his time finding holes to push his football down or through.

Above the arches of the piazza live a handful of nuns. Quite often in passing I see a nun shaking a rug out her window or chatting to someone in the street. I love this. There's something rather special and unique about nuns. Their complete commitment to God and the church. All the Italian nuns in this village are very old and cute and almost fall over themselves to pinch my boy's cheeks.
I am still in awe to be living in such a great spot on the planet -  a place steeped in culture and tradition.
And football.



  1. WOW - check out your banner - STUNNING!!!
    I know what you mean about Nuns.... I am a fan after sound of music though. They sing well :)

    But yeah, their decision to separate themselves and dedication themselves completely.

  2. gorgeous photos! how fun to play football there, wow! nuns never wowed me only because i grew up catholic and heard 'horror' stories from my family about their teacher nuns at school, haha. they could be really mean! mother teresa inspires me to do good, to be better. she thought for the longest time that god abandoned her, but her faith remained very strong. happy to hear you're doing well, brigitte! xx

  3. Ah, I love these photos, I know exactly where they are taken and its awesome to see the not-so-little-anymore boys playing in the piazza!! I can't wait to get over there as soon as we can!! xxx

  4. I love the way Luca sits back and observes the football moves of the bigger boys, and I love his style!!! Great photo of him kicking the ball. I also love little Beni's style - posting the football through holes makes great sense :o)!


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