Sunday, 22 April 2012

English-Speaking Company

As I type this I am nursing a blood nose (I get these when I'm a bit run-down) and a cup of coffee. Although it's very difficult to drink coffee while holding a tissue up to your nose... Now would be a great time for coffee intravenously.

On Monday my brother-in-law and his beautiful girlfriend visited from Berlin to rescue me stay for four days.
You just can't beat having family come and stay.
And English speaking family at that!

While they were here:
- I got to have two ridiculously large sleep-ins. I felt like a new woman and my blood-shot eyes went away for about two days.
- all the meals were cooked for me. What a treat! Especially because my brother-in-law is a chef.
- the drain pipe under the kitchen sink fell off. I'm still waiting for a plumber to take a look at the gaping hold in the sink where a pipe should be...
- we discovered how to get to "Megalo" (the big mall 15 minutes down the road) using the local buses. This is definitely not something for the faint-hearted. Needless to say I will not ever be doing this on my own.

Not having a car meant we got to hang out in the village and do a lot of relaxing at home. Coffee on the rooftop terrace and I even got some crochet done!

Such a wonderful chilled-out time together - although they've probably gone back to Berlin to catch up on their sleep...

My next english-speaking company arrives on Friday - my best friend is coming for the weekend, can't wait!
And then it's only another eight days until the return of my husband who will bring with him my sister and mum and dad - AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! I almost pass-out with excitement just thinking about it!

But for now, there's two pooey nappies that need changing...




    Lovely family photos, it looks super relaxing and the boys look happy with family around. Love the photo of Beni and Toddy cuddling, cute. Missing you all like CRAZY. Blood noses aren't good. I hope the next few day until Sezzy arrives are nice and easy for you.

    Love you xxx

    P.S. JoJo is running the marathon today!

  2. Love your photos! And happy for your english-speaking-family company. And more to come soon!!

  3. How absolutely wonderful for you!!! - the visitors, not the blood nose!
    You're doing SO WELL!!

  4. IV theres an idea!
    yay for a sleep in and yay for family arriving!

  5. you are amazing! i hope you are you feeling a wee bit better! village life seems idyllic at times! those photos are so lovely (i keep saying this, i can't help it!) what camera do you use? are your boys loving village life too?! xx

  6. Only 12 more sleeps till we leave ... be there soon xxxxx!!!!!!

  7. You are doing so well! Lots of love to you xx

  8. Oh Mannopello, how lovely you are. Hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday Brigitte and whanau!

  9. sooooo cool to have something to look forward too again, stoked you have had wonderful times with family - lovin the look of the next weekend for you! Precious lady, love u xxx

  10. Brigitte, you are amazing! So glad you got to have some L-O-N-G sleep ins too. Love the idea about coffee through IV (I haven't been able to drink coffee during this pregnancy so far - maybe soon!!) I think its quite a marketable idea, don't you? Enjoy your time with you special friend and of course your family!! Big hugs xxx

  11. Drool drool drool.
    Your life is so PRETTY right now!
    Yay for the English-speaking company. i can only imagine.


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