Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Festa della Massimiliano

A certain redhead boy turned one year old on Sunday.

This certain redhead boy is a completely delicious bundle of smiles, happiness, cheeky-ness and cuddles.
This certain redhead boy has quickly become a celebrity among the locals in our little Italian village.

This certain redhead boy happened to have his birthday during a three-day festa in our little Italian village.

Firework displays, processions through the village of the 'Volto Santo', carnival rides, brass bands playing through the streets, time spent with new-found friends, porchetta, porchetta and more porchetta! Mama Mia... All this amounted to a fun-filled but weight-gaining weekend. Everyone in the village and surrounding villages came out of the woodwork to help celebrate *Max's birthday* and the Volto Santo being in the village.

Of course we had our own wee celebration for our rosso bambino. A cake was ordered from the local bakery (SCANDAL! I didn't make the birthday cake myself!!...) which happened to be laced with alcohol... good one. Delicious though - fortunately the children didn't particularly like it...

What a dear wee boy he is.
Our little firecracker who, upon arriving into this world didn't even make a peep. And now we can't keep him quiet.
Our little guy whose existence was a 'surprise' but makes our family complete.
Our little man who has stolen my heart from the very beginning and I cannot imagine life without him.



  1. Happy birthday max!!! love the photos!!! Sooooo jealous!!

  2. Buon compleanno Massimiliano! Ah, porchetta....how we miss you!!! :) Our memories of Italian village celebrations have been stirred by your photos. What joy they bring along with a true sense of belonging and tradition.
    Sheryl and Mike xxx

  3. Oh my goodness! You really are in the loveliest place! I did have a little worry about you all with the earthquake?!
    Happy birthday max - did your mum really buy you an alcohol laced birthday cake??? What a treat (for her!)!

  4. hip hip hooray max. it looks like a beautiful day and certainly sounds like you are all enjoying life in italy. gorgeous photos. xo

  5. Happy birthday Max! He is so gorgeous. Loving your posts from beautiful Italy...I am green with envy! :)

  6. Happy Birthday little man! That cake looks delicious, too bad about the alcohol!

  7. Gorgeous photos! Happy birthday to Max :) What a fun village you live in! It looks and seems really friendly, and sounds like you're really fitting in. Oh we were in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland this last weekend and the language! I just wish I could speak it...it sounds so beautiful!

  8. Everything in your photos is just SO gorgeous! I love your words Brigette for your beautiful little Max - and all the photos of him - he looks like such a wee character!! And the photos of Aunty Judi and Uncle Eon and the village - and just everything. What a wonderful time, what special memories - so happy for you all!! Love, N.

  9. Yaaaaaay Maxie Moo!!!! Happy Birthday little guy!! Loving all the photos, everyone looks very happy, and like you're settling in well :) Love and miss you all heaps xxx


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