Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I miei genitori - My parents.
Not to be confused with: I miei genitali.
I'm sure that word needs no translation.
But of course I managed to get them confused in a sentence whilst speaking with some Italians. Telling them how my "genitals" are tired.
You have to laugh. And move on....

So my genitori have arrived in Italia!!

Aren't they cute?!
I cannot even begin to describe how absolutely wonderful it is having my mum and dad here in Italy. It's....surreal. Incredible. Precious. Watching them interact with their grandchildren, having cuddles, playing games, doting on them, spoiling them, keeping them in-line - it's completely and utterly wonderful and feels so right.

They came bearing gifts (of course). Although just their presence here is the best gift I could have asked for.

New Zealand Marmite spread. Only Kiwi's would fully appreciate this sight.

There has been lots of coffee drinking in the mornings and wine drinking in the evenings interspersed with leisurely strolls through the village and surrounding countryside, visits to the bakery, reading, crocheting, eating super-tasty foods, a day trip to the beach and a visit to our favourite village in the mountains.

 Mum "absorbing" the moment.


In other news, Luca has started school here in the village! We didn't think we would be able to get him in before the end of the term but, we have friends who have friends who are friends with the Director of the school and va bene. No problem. We were told on Friday he could start on Monday! So he's just finished his second day and is loving it! But isn't too sure about the blue gingham overshirt he has to wear...

Righto - I'm on dinner tonight so better get started. Mushroom, Asparagus and pancetta risotto is on the menu tonight. Oh yeeeeeeah.



  1. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!! I hope time just slows right down and you can fully enjoy all the moments with your parents there. Oh I know how good it is to have our family with us when we live so far away! Sounds like you're really making the most of it. Love your mix-up with the Italian! I've done the same in French...I called Eti a prostitute once. It makes for some good laughs :o) La vita è bella!

  2. I am SOOOOO REALOUS!!! looks like you guys are having an amazing time! yay!!! beautiful photos to cheerish for ever yay!

  3. Amazing!! Mum and Dad look like they're having a fantastic time, you all do! Loving all the photos of the Grandies with their boys. Awesome. Had to laugh at Luca's gingham shirt ... wow. Styling it the Italian way ;)
    Love you all, enjoy!! xx

  4. i hate you!...well not really. but you know i'm atleast jealous of you and that countryside. enjoy your family!

  5. How awesome, what amazing photos, wish you could keep all your family there forever but at least you are making the very most of having them and appreciating every moment. Wishing your family lots of love and happiness. Oh and I hope your 'genitali' are not so tired now, haha.

  6. I'm so happy you have your Mum & Dad staying, that is so important for everyone! Fabulous photos as always! Keep them coming! And little Luca looks so gorgeous ready for school!

  7. AMAZING photographs!! I'm so pleased you are getting to have this time with your family there (bringing treasures like marmite!!). This post and photos have me feeling incredibly relaxed - and super keen to move there!!!

  8. By the way ... how did they score that marmite??!! They must have been hiding it before they left, how rude! That stuff is like GOLD over here at the moment ... !

    1. hmmmm they must of been i hunt down the marmite every time i come to the farm! i didn't find it!!!

  9. I love your photos! your parents are so cute :) Dinner sounds good! x

  10. Oh my Lordie!!! Can I be your parents? What an idyllic and sunny corner of the world - I know it has been tricky for you but the peace filters through the pics and I know your heart is home. xxx

  11. Janine Aish Gray16 May 2012 at 01:38

    These are just GORGEOUS photos - SO wonderful seeing Aunty Judi and Uncle Eon looking so happy and relaxed - the pics of them with your babies are LUV ER LY!!! Looks like a storybook or a hopelessly romantic historic movie set all the scenes - L.O.V.E. it!! Love to you all, keep the blog/FB stuff coming - they're fab to see/read.

  12. Jenni Marshall16 May 2012 at 07:40

    How special the time you are having.
    All of you lap it up big time.
    I couldnt help but laugh and laugh with your opening comment

    Love oyu all
    Eon & Judy - enjoy every minute of it. You look so right there.

  13. this whole post sounded like one big long happy *exhale*...
    aren't parents the best. so happy for you

  14. that photo of dad and max!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! love it!!!

  15. Siblings - please note that the hand pouring sugar into the macchiato is Dad's. He loves them. And aqua frizzante

    1. Yep I noticed the hand :) Aqua frizzante! Nice! I hope he asks for it himself?? ;) How is the Lady's Italian going? I should have taught her a few phrases before they came over.

    2. Thank you for the offer Tyra. I'm taking your advice and adding 'io' onto things. I don't get offers of marriage like you do though. Don't know why xx

  16. OK I am still laughing about the language mixup.
    Your poor tired *genitali*??!!!!

    and then when I'd stopped snorting and chortling, I calmed down and *sighed* as I digested the amazing photos you offer up here.
    What a WONDERFUL post.
    (oops just thinking of those... um... tired things)

  17. Gorgeous photos - so beautiful to share our lives with our parents (I'm not even going to go there on trying to get the spelling!)


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