Thursday, 5 July 2012

Becoming British

Last night my husband and I officially became British Citizens.
This has been 10 years in the making, one of our goals for coming over to live in the UK in the first place.

The Citizenship Ceremony was in a grand room in the Wandsworth Council Chambers - beautiful wide marble staircase leading up to the council room, plush red leather seats with dark wooden floors.
Very cool.
Very English.

The mayor of Wandsworth presented our certificates individually, shook our hands telling us to "Be successful!". Nice.
Photos were taken as we signed a register with a big picture of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and two British flags behind us.

No cups of tea with sandwiches or scones were served though. Actually, a beer would have sufficed. But that's ok, Austin and I went out for a DATE afterwards anyway - thought our 'Britishness' was worth celebrating.

How wonderful it is to catch up with my husband properly, it feels like such a long time since we've sat down together just the two of us for a chat.
Communication is good. Really good.
It makes us stronger, even more united.

Thanks Aunty Gretchie for babysitting The Three Musketeers! X

As I sat here and typed, this happened...

Whoops...! Better go put him to bed I guess. Dear wee guy.

We are house-sitting at the moment for our friends while they're on holiday. They live in central London which is perfect for staying close to Austin's work.
The summer music festivals start tomorrow so it's rock'n'roll for us from here on... and hopefully not too many late nights!...



  1. Congrats! That is so awesome! I'm trying to convince my husband that we should move to England (near London maybe) because it's my dream! He just became a permanent citizen in the states, so it won't happen for a while ;) How sweet of a location for you to be staying in. Enjoy your month with your sister and hubby... and those darling boys too! xx

  2. Awww yay, congrats to you guys Brigitte!
    and hehehe re the small sleepy guy on the floor. Too cute
    (been there, done that too, oops!)

  3. Oh I just love that baby sleeping on the floor! And congratulations too.

  4. Well done geezer. Innit. Aw'ight? (and thats about the extent of my British accent take-offs.)

    Glad you guys could get some time out together for a real date!! :) Awesome that you've got a nice and central place to stay as well!

    LOVE Maxie sleeping on the floor. Dear wee guy. Amazing how all your boys can sleep anywhere, anytime. Luckily your new wee neice or nephew is going to have exactly the same trait when they arrive!! (please god, please)

    T xxxx

  5. congrats! and what a cute photo of little one!


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