Tuesday, 17 July 2012

London Days

Since our arrival back in London the weather has been cold and wet every.single.day.
It's such a shame because London in the warm summer heat is a wonderful and beautiful place to be.
But despite the weather conditions it hasn't stopped us from getting out and about.

The music festivals in Hyde Park were generally too rained-on for us to attend, with the exception of one or two. This has been a real bummer because 'The Plan' while we were back in London for the month was to hang out in Hyde Park every day while my husband was working there so that the boys could actually get to see their Pappa and I could get to see my husband.
'The Plan' didn't take into consideration that it would rain every.single.day.
So we've been hanging indoors with toy cars and blocks, colouring pens and paper, dvd's and the English children's channel CBeebies.
This has been exhausting, but my options have been few.
Trying to travel with 3 children on my own again in London has almost done me in. That is why I haven't ventured far from our homebase.
Fortunately my sister's flat is just up the road from us so she was able to lend her ever-helping hands when she could which has been so appreciated.

But one of the best things about being back in London is I get to see and hang out with my beautiful best friend again. 
I always find myself breathing a sigh of relief whenever we're together because she helps me be strong, to see things clearly, while giving me the room to offload. She's a great problem solver and reminds me constantly that actually I am a good mother. 
In a word, she's awesome. 
Everyone needs to get themselves a best friend that loves your children almost as much as you do.
Word up.

I've had these photos uploaded on this post for just over a week now but haven't had the time {or the words} to write.
A lot has been happening - good stuff, dumb stuff - but that's called LIFE.
But whatever 'stuff' is thrown at me, I'm as determined as ever to grab life by the horns and hold on tight.
It's a crazy ride...


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  1. Sorry its raining so much! Hope it clears soon and that you get some amazingly refreshing moments, esp with beautiful S. Send her a hug from me. xx

  2. stoopid rain. The rained out Hyde park fest even made it on the news here...and I instantly thought of you and hubby.

  3. still jealous... even if it's raining.

  4. Oh just love our boys xxxxx!!! You're a fantastic mum Brigitte and don't you forget it. One of the very best xxxxx. Beks is in that category too. Love you xxxx

  5. Bummer about the English summer weather!
    Always great to see you blogging tho, whatever the weather


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