Monday, 2 July 2012

It's been a while...

Ah, my apologies to those of you who have been hanging out for good news from afar.
All the news from afar is good. Apart from the fact I haven't had any internet/enough broadband width (something like that...) to allow me to do a blog.
Not only is this because we have been living in a slightly remote little village which has rather slooooow internet anyway, but also because I may have downloaded the complete series of Alcatraz onto my iTunes which may have used up all of my gigabyte allocation for the month... but you see my husband was watching it with my friends back in London and saying how great it was and I was feeling left out....
Oh well, it was well worth it. Many a night my sister and I spent sitting at the kitchen table watching two - sometimes three - episodes as we did our crochet.
Yep, we are so cool.

On Thursday night my sister and I and the three boys flew back to London to see Pappa.
They all decided to sleep on me at once...

We are here on holiday for the month of July before we head back to our delightful little Italian village.
Austin is working in Hyde Park for the usual summer music festivals as well as all the bands and festivities that will be happening there during the Olympics. So our days will be spent hanging out in Hyde Park, playing in the playground, eating ice-creams, hopefully enjoying the summer sun (although it's been raining in England for the past month...) and actually getting to see my husband every day and every night - exciting! I will never take this for granted again.
The enforced distance between us has been really hard.  Definitely not on my list of most favourite things...

So anyway, there's a just few photos to catch you up on, my most favourites from during the last few weeks of silence from this end.

 *LOVE the way these boys can sleep anywhere, anytime.

Luca's last day at scuola (school) was on Thursday. He has been absolutely loving his days at school, in a classroom full of Italian-speaking children and teachers which has left me gobsmacked yet delighted! A couple of weeks ago they had their end-of-year school show. Here's a little clip that Luca features in. We didn't even know he had a speaking part until he was handed the microphone to say his lines. I love the way he spends most of his time waving at me and giving the thumbs-up sign. Cute. He was feeling so proud of himself! They were going through the food groups and he was a Protein....

Gretchen (my sister) and I had been going for runs in the mornings, pushing the other two boys in the buggy. Straight after dropping Luca off at school we would head out into the surrounding hills and countryside, sharing the pushing duties between us and more often than not passing snakes on the road who had recently been road-kill. And I saw a live one as it slithered rapidly away when it saw us approaching. Do I need to mention I hate snakes? Especially ones that are big. And black.
We persevered with the running for as long as the temperatures were kind to us. An hour-long run would get us back by 9:45 and already the temperatures were starting to climb into the 30's. Just too hot to be outside pushing heavy children up hills.
I picked up a good tan though.

Oh man, so many experiences and foods and crafty-creating to share with you.
The food - oh. my. goodness. The FOOD! (we're mainly talking fresh produce here). Many new taste sensations have happened over the past three months and I will share these with you, but not today.

Today I am suffering from a headcold so will be heading to bed shortly.

Apologies again for the long silence on this end - but Alcatraz unintentionally became the priority...



  1. Always lovely to hear about your adventures :)

  2. missed you... and your slices of pure deliciousness. Glad you're back

  3. I've been thinking about you and your boys! I hope I get to have more boys... darling photos! Love your new blog headed too! Luca... how awesome! Have fun in London... I'll take the rain over the heat in Atlanta! xx

  4. Alcatraz huh. So now we know why we couldn't get through to you! Nevermind - I can envisage you sitting engrossed with crochet hooks whizzing :o). Missing you all enormously xxx


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