Thursday, 19 July 2012

Around here

We are currently housesitting at a bungalow in Southampton, England.
And it is wonderful.
It's a family home of one of our close friends so it's completely set up from the family living there for 30+ years. They were children of the 80's so you can imagine the cool kids stuff we are finding!
Puzzles, games, building things in neon colours - it's all very cool and the boys are having a blast playing with all the (new-to-them) toys left out for them to rummage through to their heart's content.

I've been enjoying baking in the spacious kitchen and finding a buttercup sneakily placed on an oven-mitt when my back was turned. Cute.

I've been enjoying these three ridiculously cute boys.

Luca in particular is loving the puzzles. So many cool wooden puzzles (wooden is good because then Max can't chew on them and thus leave them in a soggy, malformed state). I'm so investing in wooden puzzles from here on in.
Luca spends a fair chunk of his time sitting on the multi-coloured rug in the living room putting puzzles together. He loves it! He is most happiest when he's left to do his own thing and quietly and diligently solve all the puzzles. 
Although Max tries his hardest to distract Luca from his task, he very rarely succeeds.

Last week was all about the rain and keeping the boys entertained with minimal resources on hand (because everything is either in storage or in Italy), but this week it's like the boys don't even get a chance to get bored.
Having a garden area out the back of the house has been pure delight for these grass-and-dirt-deprived children.
Snacks are now able to take place on the outside table in the sun (that's right people, it looks like summer might actually make an appearance this year afterall! Just in time for the Olympics...*phew*...)

I mowed the lawns here yesterday - my first time in 10 years! Gosh it felt great to feel the freshly cut grass beneath my feet once again. I was almost crying from the joy of it, sad I know...
And no I didn't wear any protective footwear or other protective gears. It was just me, the lawn cutter and the grass. Back to Basics.
Oh yeah and it was an electric lawnmower I used - never used one of these before but you turn it on and it just kind of hovers above the ground as it cuts the grass. Pretty cool.

I'm loving seeing these boys roll around on the grass, wrestling and chasing each other. Their laughter and squeals of delight usually end in tears...of course, but after a cuddle and a kiss to make it better they just get back up and carry on.

This is probably just normal life for many of you out there, but for us it's a novelty to have a garden and lawn area out the back door of our house.
In Italy we have a lovely big roof-top terrace which is wonderful, but it's not grass.
Grass that is soft and cool to lie on and leaves you with green-stained soles of your feet when it's just been cut. Aaahhhhhhhh.

I think the best thing about the boys being able to run around and play outside all day is that they are completely zonked by dinner time. 
Luca even asked to go to bed tonight. Nice.

If only my husband wasn't touring with Madonna this week, he would be loving it here too.
But he's the bread-winner and is working very very hard for his family, which I am so grateful for.
It certainly is a privilege for me to be the one who gets to stay at home with our cute wee guys.
They drive me nuts, yes.
They've given me grey hair, yes.
They haven't given me an unbroken night's sleep for three years, yes.
But I wouldn't trade this role as their mamma for anything.


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  1. AW!! Awesome post Buzzy Bee!! Loving all the pics of the boys, they look very happy and like they are loving their time there! Loved the ones of Max trying to distract Luca, the cheeky little monkey, haha! :) Missing you all heaps xxxx

  2. Your boys are just gorgeous and I'm glad to here I'm not the only sleep deprived one. Enjoy your outdoor living and the sun. xo

  3. ohh so lovely. xxx Lots of love to you.PS we miss you and your boys (even though we haven't meet them yet)love kat

  4. the boys are so big! beautiful pictures as always!!

  5. aw.Little cuties

    I know the feeling about mowing the lawns. I used to be our official family lawn mower when I a kid/teen...but I never touched a lawn mower since I moved out of home until last year.

    yay for the sun coming out for the Olympics :)

  6. I'm freaking out about noel going to states for 12 days and then I remember you. if u can do it with 3 active boys I can do it with my 2 placid girls. you inspire me!!! narnie

  7. So love seeing our wee boys loving the fresh grass and can really smell the freshly cut grass! Always remember you loving mowing the lawns. Love the way Luca Beni and Max are enjoying the great outdoors - where little boys need to be :o). Yaaaayyyy!!!!

  8. So awesome when you get to stay somewhere kid-friendly aye?
    Such a relief.
    PS your boys are completely DELISH!


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