Friday, 27 July 2012

Mio Marito

Last weekend mio marito (my husband) came to stay in Southampton with us and it was wonderful!
I don't do being apart very well.
But I'm learning.
Unfortunately it's something I'm having to learn...

I miss my husband. A weekend every now and then isn't enough.
Even though we have been in London for nearly a month now and our holiday here is drawing to a close, I feel like I haven't seen Austin nearly as much as I had hoped.
He's been travelling with Madonna this past week {which he said was the most stressful week of his life...!} and working at all the Hyde Park music festivals so it's actually his busiest time of the year.
But still I was wanting to see him more during the days but the incredibly wet weather kind of interfered with these plans.
We are back to Italy on Friday 3rd August where extended absences from each other will reign once more.

Fortunately these absences are only for a season. And oh-my-goodness we get to live in Italy for goodness sakes!
But still, I'm looking forward to the light at the end of the "Absent Husband" tunnel.
It's hard. Hard. Hard. Hard. doing this day-to-day mothering of three boys on my own.

It makes me realise how strong I am. And aren't.

It makes me rely a bit more on the ol' sneaky bicchiere di vino to get me through the day. Sometimes that 'sneaky glass' happens by 1pm... but I'm cool with that. (check out this post from Crappy Pictures which says it all. i think this is my most favourite post ever).
It reminds me daily that I am on the other side of the world to my parents and Austin's parents who are oh so very willing to help - if only we weren't separated by the differing hemispheres.
It reminds me how very much I love Austin, how very much I rely and depend on him.
And I miss him bringing me coffee in bed each morning.
Yeah, he's pretty much awesome.

I actually think our absences from each other has drawn us closer together. It has seriously made us prioritise and refocus and reaffirm our direction and future.
That's cool then huh?

I am currently sitting in the kitchen watching through the window as the boys play with the garden hose outside. Well, it's Luca playing with the garden hose and Beni and Max are on the receiving end.
Needless to say they won't be needing a bath tonight...

The days have been beautifully sunny this week - HOORAH! This has encouraged us to get outside and enjoy it while it lasts.... Yeah. You'll probably see it rain during most of the Olympics...

My favourite part of the days this week has been taking a wee stroll down the country lane to the local pub which has a playground.
{Two words I love, right there}.
It is probably the most old-school (therefore possibly unsafe) playground I have been to since I was a child. It's awesome. Trees for climbing, plenty of unsafe swings and climbing frames, the boys love it.

 "Did you get my cool looks for the camera mamma?"
"Um, yep"...

And I love it because I get to partake in one of these crushed berries & lime ciders while the boys run free.
Such a treat.
And I'm worth it.

And another treat is that mio marito arrives again tomorrow to stay until Tuesday when we'll head back to London.
He's working at Hyde Park again tonight where they are showing the 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony on the big screens and Snow Patrol are playing. Nice.

Teams I am cheering for:
1. New Zealand (cos that's my Homeland)
2. Italy (cos that's my current Homeland)
3. England (cos now I'm a British Citizen so I should support them, really)
4. All the Scandinavian countries - Sweden, Denmark, Normay (cos these are the countries of my ancestors and they are cool and stylish)

How about you - what country/countries are you supporting for the Olympics? Do you have any friends or family competing? Fun!

Righto - I'm going to watch my friend perform in the opening ceremony (hopefully I can spot him...)
Happy weekend! X



  1. Oh i would loooooove to be around you to hug and support you and tell you how cool you are be course you truly are. You are amazing and I'm proud to be your friend. But whats the part with Norway and Sweeden about???? DENMARK Brigitte DENMARK :) Love you LOTS Jeanette Btw LOVE you blog to.

  2. Forget the Olypics now, Snow Patrol? Uhhh I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please let me and my three come to Italy to keep you company when your man is gone!!

  3. oh my Gosh!! I LOVE this post!!Seeing the boys looking so grown up more and more makes me smile and laugh but want to cry all at the same time!! I hope to see them one day not too far away so they get to know their aunty bubble

    Miss you guys! xoxo

  4. So love this - we SO LOVE seeing Luca Beni and Max enjoying themselves outside xx!!! Love the photos of them playing together and they are so so happy. Love the photos of Austin with his wee boys. We feel very much for you and Austin and really pray you will all be together soon in a home with a backyard and green grass. Love you all enormously xxxxxxxx.

  5. Feel for you doing the solo mumma thing .... hope the time between without your honey goes fast. On the other hand, was watching "Letters from Juliette" last night and casually suggested to my honey that we move to Italy. He rolled his eyes. I guess I won't start packing just yet... ;)
    Love the pics of your boys - so sweet!

  6. You are my hero! Ultimate respect for single mothers... Which you are and aren't! But ultimate respect for you! My how those boys are growing... Cuteness personified!! Xxx much love to you!

  7. kisses from afar! Pango says "I miss them, when can we visit the Boksers and the mad Russians?" (poor Dalia). Also, I can't believe how much Beni looks like Ephraim!!!!!
    Give all those gorgeous big hugs from us... and extra ones for you and Austio. Much love


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