Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Solo con tre maschi

*spot the potty-training boy?...*

Solo con tre maschi = alone with three boys/males.
I get this a lot.

Sometimes it's said as a question, but most of the time it's said as a fact with an incredulous and sympathetic shaking of the head.

It is very rare for me to walk down any street in the village and not be stopped and questioned about my three boys and me being here by myself with them.
I'm so good now at saying "My husband works in London but will be here on the 30th of August for 3 weeks."
"Yes I have three boys and am looking after them by myself...... but my husband will be here on the 30th of August for 3 weeks"
"Yes I am tired and busy, but my husband will be here on the 30th of August for 3 weeks!..."
etc. etc.

A couple of days ago the boys were playing football in a paved area just across from our house and I watched proudly as Max trotted along and started climbing up the steps to get to the area where his older brothers were. Then I heard the panicked voice of a senora telling Max to go back to his mamma, so I did the responsible thing and walked up behind Max so she knew I was present. I think she was getting concerned with him climbing the steps on his own, obviously there should be a little more parental-control over such situations. I explained that he goes up and down the stairs in our house all the time so please don't worry. Then she tuts and shakes her head, saying "Solo con tre maschi"... which I was surprised about seeing as she lost her husband in a motorcycle accident when she was just 23 years old and was left to raise their three children by herself, so I know she understands! (she is now 85 years old). Still, a little more obvious support would be appreciated.

But the difference here is that my husband is still alive and very much a part of this family and will be with us all in eight more sleeps!

I know I get the sympathy vote for when most of the village can hear all my boys screaming/crying at once.
(curse those tiled floors and concrete-plastered everything that makes sound bounce around and travel for much more than it should!...)
But hey, I'm just doing what has to be done.

People ask how I do it with 3 boys by myself and I was thinking about the answer to this today as I was dealing - yet again - with poo. Toilet-training on one's lonesome is definitely not for the faint-hearted...
So what the heck am I thinking?!?!?!
Anyway, I was trying to get potty-training boy cleaned up while youngest boy tries to stick his finger in the poo, or lick the toilet bowl, or stomp in it and slip and bang his head on the tiled floor.
It's been awesome.

But I realised today in the midst of all this that I am coping by just dealing with one thing at a time.
It really is that simple. And to keep calm.
Sometimes you just gotta let them cry while you deal with the pooey mess of another, trying to calm them {and yourself} with a gentle voice, thinking about the very large glass of wine at the end of the day as your reward.
I've learnt to prioritise like a ninja.
And I've learnt that I can, actually, do this - though it's obviously not ideal - but still, I can do this while it's necessary for us in our circumstances.

Solo con tre maschi?
I'm on it.

...but pleeeeeeease hurry up and get here Austin!!...



  1. Well done Geets. You're a star. Love you xx

  2. MAX! He's so firmly part of the big boy gang now.

    Are those cats still in that garage?

    Lovely lady, no tutting please...

    Good to hear that you're doing good - of course you are! And it sounds like the boys are settled and happy, yay!

    Love you xxx

  3. I'm in awe of you, you are doing the stuff of dreams. With my two under two I have an inkling of your day, and there are days when my husband can't get home quick enough! Be proud of what your achieving and make sure when your enjoying your large glass of vino rosso or blanc that you take a second to reflect on your awesomeness each day. Much love and hugs. Kylie xo

  4. Bravo Brigette! Wow, I have so much respect! I can't imagine how tough it must be in certain moments. I think one day on my own is enough! Hope these next 7 days fly and the following 3 weeks slow right down. I love following your adventures...grace, peace, sanity and a good wine to you to enjoy during these next few days until Austin is back :) xx

  5. I'm in awe too....may the next few days pass QUICKLY for you! Bless ya xx

  6. Looooooove your blog and LOOOOOVE you :) Xxxx Jeanette

  7. Oh well done Brigitte - you are doing so well and you are such a wonderful mamma! And one day at a time is definitely the way to go - one-day-at-a-time and moment-by-moment. That way you will be there for them in each moment and enjoy your gorgeous wee boys for who they are and what they are doing poos and all!!! Love you xx

  8. who *is* that big boy standing up there on those stairs??? wow, isn't that your baby??!! how rude, sit back down and CRAWL baby!! haha :))

    ps you are total rockstar. hope the next few days pass peacefully and quickly with your tre maschi until your other maschi arrives ;) x0x0

  9. I had a similar situation with my toddler going up and down a steep flight of stairs...except that I was right there! This lady was like "oooh I would be so concerned about my toddler falling" Well ya know we all have to learn how to go up and down stairs some day lady!

    lovely pix.
    You are a star. Well done mama


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