Sunday, 19 August 2012

Pizza + Serenade

 *chatting-up the ladies with wet undies..... never a good thing Beni...*
 *running away from the ladies because their packets of crisps are a bit more exciting..... once again, never a good thing....*

It has become a tradition since being in Italy that Friday night is 'Pizza Night'.
Always very exciting because not only do we get to partake of the deliciousness that is Italian pizza, but the boys get to have a packet of crisps and a drink while we wait for the pizza to cook.
And I get to have an ice cold beer. Bliss.

This 'Friday Night Pizza Night' just been differed slightly from the normal in that we sat and ate our pizza in the piazza where there was a wonderful buzz of life happening. As usual there were many Italian gentlemen sitting outside the cafe's in the piazza, no doubt talking about their wife's cooking (this is true!) and there was also a couple of Luca's friends from scuola who provided extra entertainment for him and Beni.

So I just let them run and play while Max ate the pizza. Which he always does ever-so-stylishly...

On the way back home I was serenaded in the street by some gentleman (I'm pretty sure he was sufficiently inebriated enough to give him a confidence boost), accompanied by our good friend Ulysse on the guitar.
That was a first for me. Didn't quite know where to look... so I took photos - and applauded and bravo'd appropriately at the end.

Pizza and a Serenade made for a more-exiting-than-usual Friday night. AND the boys were very well-behaved, so I was able to return home with a smile on my face.

Only one more 'Friday Night Pizza Night' by ourselves and then Austin will be here for the next few.
A lot.



  1. Ohhhhh, I LOVE that you were serenaded! It all looks super chilled out there (well, even more so than usual, if that's possible). Not long until I'm back for Friday Night Pizza Night too! What is the name of our artichoke pizza again? I've had a memory blank. Cool hair Lucsi. Cool curls Maxi. Cool chatting with girlies Beni (shorts aside)

    1. Carciofi?? Something like that.
      Can't wait till you're here too!! (then we can get a bottle of wine while we wait for our pizza) ;) xxx

    2. P.S. For some reason Jodie had 'Part of your World' stuck in her head over dinner, and then that lead into numerous Disney songs by the girls - and then I put on 'At last I've seen the light' .... and I nearly cried because all I could hear were the boys and you singing, ha. Damn you Rapunzel and your emotive songs!!!! ... It's all my fault ... I'm sorry but my hands are full ... You've got me! ... and Vladimir collects ceramic uuuunicorrrrns ... 'ding'....I'll be right back (puts hands behind back and walks slowly off stage left)

  2. I love this one!
    Love seeing my boys having fun, even with wet pants...
    I love Ulysses guitar serenade, and Fernando's belly.
    I cant wait for our next pizza night together!
    Such amazing photos too.
    Long time reader, first time commenting!
    The absent husband

    1. That's love right there, thanks darling!
      P.S. You are so freaking HOT! XXX

  3. You rock Brigitte. I just think you awesome doing what you doing, esp on your own. Am so pleased you have some great times. Me trying to count my blessings too, rather than wishing for different times in the future. Think of you often. Lots of love and blessings Katrina. PS what is your address?

    1. Thanks Kat!! Always so great to hear from you - always very encouraging! I often think about how our boys would love playing together being same ages and all. One day my friend, one day :) X

  4. Love this post - love being able to recognise peoples' faces and the doors in the piazza and the lovely wooden door going into the pizza place.
    Love the photos of the boys. Beni is so sweet and wee Max is so adorable and Luca is so delightful. It is so lovely that we can now be familiar with their changing facial expressions and can almost put ourselves there with what is happening in your daily life. Love Max's concentration as he eats pizza - he's fully committed to the process. So love the first photo of Beni and his friend (wet pants and all). Luca looks great with short hair - handsome young boy! So love it that the boys are relaxing more and fitting in more xx. So, so exciting that Austin will be with you soon and for a longer time - yaaayyy!!! Would love to courier ourselves over or maybe fly via pigeon and we could surprise Beni in the piazza as he goes to chase the pigeon away and we emerge. Fun xx

  5. great pix Brigitte.
    MMM. I like the idea of Friday night pizza night. My kids would probably love the simplicity of Italian pizza. They really only like tomato and cheese pizza


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