Friday, 10 August 2012


It's all about the taste of fresh produce at the moment. Everything drizzled with lemon juice, olive oil and a sprinkle of salt. In this summer heat I am craving fresh and crisp. A slice of chilled watermelon is more satisfying than chocolate (at the moment). This is freaking me out a bit...

Luca has been busy putting together his Lego dinosaur he got for his birthday and I've been grabbing any spare moment I can to sit down with a crochet hook and finish off numerous projects I've got on the go.

I've never been a 'bunting' person, but since being in Italy i have for some reason succumb to the urge to put up bunting - probably because our walls are very bare at the moment... and for Max's birthday we had paper bunting up in the kitchen and I ended up quite liking it so decided some crochet bunting was in order. I'm pleased I put in the effort because I quite like it!

Luca made some "Cool Creations" for me this afternoon. Within about 10 minutes he had banged out three "cool creations" from bits and pieces he found in his room. I love them. Especially the porcupine sandal. Brilliant.

The boys have been putting on quite a show for the neighbours every morning and afternoon with their bare bodies. Honestly, it's too hot for clothes. And I'm getting jealous of their all-over tans...
Under the shade of the gazebo they spend many an hour happily playing in the paddling pool and washing bucket. Transferring water from one to the other, watering the terrace tiles, that sort of thing.
I even got out the soap and shampoo this afternoon and gave them a bath and washed their hair using the deep washing bucket as a tub. They loved it. Bath-time made easy.

Tonight is strangely quiet in the village. They had been having concerts in the piazza just up the steps from our house, {mostly} lovely music filtering through our open shutters and lulling us to sleep each night. We go to bed about 4 hours earlier than the Italians do.... don't think I'll ever get used to the hours they keep...

So for now, all is quiet.
And I'm missing my husband.
Hoping the end of August when I see him again comes quickly...

Happy weekend to you all! X



  1. Love love love. Love the boys enjoying the water on the terrace. Love the water the boys are enjoying (natural stuff). Love the fresh crisp vegetables and fruit (we miss it so). Love the crochet bunting. Dad loves it that the shelves are still standing. Love the colours. Love love love the wee creations Luca has made for you. Miss you xxx

  2. very cool! i really like the bunting, and am very jealous of the hot weather you have!!

  3. First photo - CRUEL! CRUEEEEEL!!!! Am just approaching Hyde Park for closing ceremony. Missing you and boys. Love xxx

  4. P.S. Luca's cool creations make me so happy. Creeeeeeeative boy.
    P.S. we need to see more of your amazing creations please, clever lady xx


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