Wednesday, 15 August 2012

...and then there were flowers...

I've been trying to find decent canvases and paints over here for a while now, our walls are desperately bare.
We have very large and long white walls in our lounge that have been crying out for some artwork on them.
With my husband gone for 3 weeks and me being without a car in a village which has very little to offer in the way of artistic supplies, I decided to take matters into my on hands.

Paint left over from a magazine rack I painted a while back combined with some other colours I found in our loft resulted in two lovely mustard hues.
The idea was to do a stencil but I had not the supplies for that, so free-hand it was.

And the result? I'm very pleased with!
Here I have been thinking all this time I'll paint a canvas in some retro geometric design for the lounge, but for some unknown reason flowers won out.

And I'm well pleased they did.



  1. As Luca would say 'cool one mamma' (double finger point gangsta-style)

  2. Wow these are wonderful Brigitte!! How satisfying is that :)!!

  3. Wow, you are clever...they look great!

  4. Lovely!! Clever girl!! :) xx

  5. I totally love mustard yellow :) I thought these would have been wall decals... :) This is fabulous! xx

  6. Love it you clever cookie xx

  7. very nice!!! well done bri!

  8. Wow....these look just beautiful...great job you!


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