Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Ahhhh these summer nights...

We have been enjoying the looooong summer evenings and the comfortable temperatures they bring very much at the moment.

There's nothing quite like packing up the family and a picnic, getting on our bikes and heading into Richmond Park for the evening.

On this particular evening we headed to a playground that has a small pool. But being a Sunday evening the pool was rather dirty and probably contained more urine than water..... ewwwww.
(ok so that's exaggerating slightly but you get my drift...)

But the slightly murky water didn't stop our boys. They were pants off and in the water before I told them they could actually leave their undies on... *sigh*

While the boys were otherwise occupied I left them in Austin's capable hands and went for a 7 mile run around Richmond Park with my sister (marathon training buddy).
When we got back Beni was still in the nude (of course) while the other two boys were dressed and playing cricket with some children they had befriended.

One of the funniest moments was when Beni - in all his naked glory - ran down the hill we were on having our picnic to join some other children on a big round communal swing that has ropes for sitting on. They had to stop the swing to let nudie boy on. The ropes must have been very uncomfortable for sitting on with a bare bottom...

And then he decided to try out some of the exercise machines on the edge of the playground...
He's a bit of an exhibitionist and a free and easy young spirit. Provides much entertainment!

We haven't been able to get away at all during these school holidays - but that hasn't bothered me. It's been lovely just being at home and making the most of the local activities on offer. I've been super impressed with how many friends the boys have met at the local playgrounds - and all playing together so nicely. We like this!

These long and warm summer evenings are set to continue for a while longer which I'm thrilled about.

Because - unlike the school holidays - I'm not quite ready see the end of them yet.



  1. Ooooo I am so looking forward to long summer evenings here! I love that you are totally cool with letting your boys be boys. So many Mama would be having a mini fit! Children are insanely entertaining when you step back and let them be! Love you xx

  2. Love the photos. Love your boys. All of them, big ones and small :).


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