Tuesday, 13 August 2013

...and then he was SIX!

This week our biggest boy turned six years old!
Sheesh. (yeah you know what's coming)... The time goes so quickly!

A Superhero party was organised for him - this was lots of fun for all involved.
Kryptonite cupcakes, super-power juice bottles, energy bites in the form of grapes and pineapple, carrot sticks were labeled as super night vision (noone really ate those except me...strange). Fun stuff like that.

Held in our local recreational ground which is right next door to where we live meant set-up and clean-up was super easy and very hassle free. I like!
And it also meant that, even though we had organised games, the party guests entertained themselves most of the time in the playground. Nice.

I loved it that all the children got dressed up as their favourite superhero.
There were about 6 spidermen and 1 spiderwoman (breasts included!), batmen, supermen, a catwoman and Little Bow Peep (cute!).

A lot of party guests were Luca's school friends and - because Luca only started at his school in May - it was a great chance to get to meet his friends and their parents outside the school grounds. Such a great bunch of kids and families.

And as for our now 6 year old? Well he's a bundle of intelligent, fun-loving, cheeky, sweet, crafty, frustrating energy wrapped up in a blue-eyed, blond haired, long legged package.
He drives me to the brink and back again most days... but nothing a good bottle glass of wine can't fix!

I consider myself super blessed to be the mamma of such a beautiful six year old boy.

Happy Birthday Luca Cheeky Chops! I love you to the moon and back again 20 billion times.

Yeah I know. He's pretty special ;)



  1. what an awesome party.
    Love the little details, with the balloons and food.
    Happy birthday to your little guy

  2. Oh looks like such a fun party for them all - and a big happy birthday to your awesome dude Luca (his birthday must be close to my biggest little guy born on 2nd August!) xx

  3. Six ah!! Whoa time flies when you are having fun as the saying goes! You are a good Mama who makes such happy memories for her beautiful children!!


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